the orange aura

personality traits

If orange is a dominant color in your aura than you are likely to exhibit several of these personality traits.

The orange aura craves an adventurous and spontaneous life. They have a strong will and strong opinions. They don’t want to take life too seriously, but do crave a certain amount of success. 

They tend to be high-energy individuals who enjoy testing their limits and physical capabilities (especially if they have green in their aura as well). They may be a bit of a daredevil, and while it’s natural for them to test their limits they should also heed a certain air of caution before the universe reminds them that they are not invincible.

The orange shines bright and does not mind being in the spot light for it. They tend to radiate a natural confidence and present an easy going personality.

As a friend, the orange aura is compassionate and a great advice giver. They are optimistic, motivational, and will remind their friends to keep their chin up & look for the silver lining.

They tend to be quite stubborn, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if out of balance can result in a complete lack of progress or growth.

The orange aura is a social bird and likes to be out and about, creating new memories and embarking on new experiences with a group of friends. They crave a certain level of excitement and will feel dim if life has become too stagnant or boring.

Monotonous jobs are a literal hellscape for the orange aura. If they don’t have variety or ambition in their day to day, then the job is not for them.


Rare to see as dominant color. It’s usually seen in smaller amounts in the aura and accompanies a blue, green, or even pink aura to create a more balanced persona.

negative traits

Negative traits typically only come out when the aura is off-balanced. For the orange this would be too head strong and stubborn, not allowing room for an expanded mindset or growth, which may result in them being left behind by friends. They may be arrogant or insincere. Their overconfidence may get them into dangerous situations. They may play all their cards without a proper back up plan. 

common aura color pairings

A healthy aura will have more than one color in it. These are the colors most often seen with an orange, but we are all unique individuals so any combo can exist out there.


By far the most common pairing with an Orange. The green-orange aura pursues a happy, balanced life. They tend to love the outdoors and enjoy climbing up rocks and whatever they think will create a challenge for them. The green-orange also tends to love camping.

They’re here to have a good time, to make the most of life and not to take anything too seriously. 

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deep blue

Deep blue’s are relaxed creatures, they like to take things at their own pace but also go with the flow. When orange is seen with the deep blue it’s to help balance them out and give them a bit of uplift and motivation to ensure they stay swimming in a direction instead of standing still.

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