the green aura

A look into all aspects of the green aura.

personality traits

When a person has green as a dominant aura color they will typically portray several of the traits listed below, but likely not all of them. There’s a certain spectrum to the green aura and so some traits will appear vs others depending on the type of green.

The green aura is realistic with a hint of optimism and a dash of nihilism. They are outgoing individuals and enjoy being social. They are known to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and make it look easy while possibly laughing off the pain. 

 They have an impeccable work ethic and tend to be money minded. Known to be responsible where it counts, financial abundance can come easily to the green aura. Which is a good thing because they do love the ‘treat yo self’ lifestyle.

You can trust a green aura to be an amazing and loyal friend. They come from the heart, and when they put their heart into something they go full throttle. This can lead to amazing, fulfilling relationships. It can also lead to emotional devastation if they go after something they know deep down isn’t in their best interest. 

The greens enjoy being critical thinkers and love a good challenge. They need a mix of fun, work, and relax mode to feel content. 

The green aura typically craves nature as it helps balance and ground them. They get a sense of okay-ness and peace when they spend time in the outdoors, and should seek it often. When it comes to animals they either totally love them or are completely indifferent.

The greens like to prove themselves. This can be a good hearted endeavor as they aim their money mindedness, desire to achieve, and subtle sense of pride into wonderful directions. However, if their green is off balance than they tend to favor the more arrogant and stubborn attitude. All greens are stubborn, but there is stubborn that can be reasoned with and the stubborn that’s an immoveable force.

Green is also an immensely healing color- it is regarded as the color of transformation and growth. Those with a green dominant aura have a tendency to want to help people in their own way. Sometimes people are attracted to them and seek their advice and good will. They will go to the end of the world and back to help someone in their pack.

Off balanced traits are being overly jealous and envious. Arrogant, not being able to see anyone else’s viewpoint but their own. It can also display as victim energy, feeling like they are a victim to the world.

other reasons why
green can show up in an aura

Green is the color of good health, balance, and transformation.

Green can appear in an aura if a person is going through some type of healing. The green will usually hover over the spot where the healing is taking place. This can be an ankle that’s repaing after a break, the mind if it’s becoming in balance, the heart if it’s in a stage of growth, you get the idea. 

It can signify a great transformation is happening or coming towards someone in their life. Again determining the placement can help pinpoint the meaning.

spiritual gifts

The green aura is impeccable at manifesting. They can take a seed and turn it into something massive and incredible. The only limit a green aura has is the limit they put on themselves. Therefor they need to be aware of their limiting beliefs and due their best to resolve them. The green aura can dream large and has the right attitude and work ethic to achieve all that they set their mind too. 



Common pairings
for the green aura

It is natural & necessary for us to have more than one dominant aura color.


The orange tends to be a bit of a thrill seeker. They both love and crave adventure and spontaneity. Lots of green orange combos love to camp. The orange and green loves to push their physical boundaries and do daring stunts in nature the moment they get the opportunity to. They need a job where they are active in some way. A monotonous desk job may be their own personal hell.

deep blue

A green aura with a dash of deep blue is a natural fixer whose adept with their hands. Seriously they’re handy individuals , they’re the guys you see making elaborate wood structures or doing fancy rope knots or going deep sea fishing. The blue chills the green out, seeking moments of alone and quiet time. Blue’s are more contemplative, so it ensures the green is balanced and takes time to recharge and go with the flow for a bit. 

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