energy healing & reading

Ready to feel lighter within?

Watch your outer world transform as you heal & bring harmony to your inner world.

This is a channeled reading & healing experience utilizing Reiki & other energy healing modalities to dive through the full energetic body to align, release & restore. 


What to expect in your session


your spirit team

In every session I call in your Spirit Guides, Higher Selves & Ancestors 

Get to know them more or connect with them for the first time in these sessions!


under the surface

Together we go through your chakras, aura colors & other areas of the energy body, taking a look at what energy/blockages/memories you’ve been storing that you’re ready to release



In each session I make sure to save time to address any questions/curiosities you have about energy work!

ready to feel lighter?

time for a glow up

These sessions are long and elaborate! They’re recorded so you can keep and relive as many times as you want.

 It takes about 21 days for the healing to fully integrate into your system. You are likely to experience releases and integrations during this time, in the session Alia will go over what these may look like for you.

please note

I am not a doctor in any way shape or form. I am not even remotely medically trained. Energy healing should NEVER be used in place of receiving medical treatment, it should only be used as a companion. These sessions are aimed for understanding the emotions / energy patterns within + assisting the healing process.

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the perfect boost to your day

the healing call

20 Minutes of Powerful Healing

Over a phone call or WhatsApp, we spend 20 minutes boosting and clearing your energy and working with your energy body. 

Best for addressing 1-2 questions or topics of interest. 

This session can either be general, allowing us to go where your energy requests, or can follow a specific intention.



I am not promising a perfect life or perfect health. Life at it’s natural base is challenging – but we can get better at accepting and overcoming these challenges. I am not a doctor or a therapist. These healings should be used WITH other healings methods – never as a substitute.

We are all on a unique healing path. Please don’t compare your experiences to others, everyone will take the healing in the way that aligns with their unique path. Trust that it is serving in its highest good form for you.


In Reiki training we learn how to work through time and space – there is a legitimate method and a tangible cue when I connect to someone.

When practicing these techniques you grow to realize that space & time do not operate in the parameters we’ve set them in.

Yes, absolutley! Studies have shown no difference in potency or effectiveness when it comes to distant healings. 

Many, many people do – in both distant & in person. You should know that your body will integrate the healing in the way that’s best for it. I like to say – be open to everything, but release expectation on what it “should” be like. Everyone experiences energy flow differently!

It can be helpful to have an intention for the session, but it is not necessary. 

We take a look at your subtle energy body and see what’s calling out for help. We help release stored trauma, memories & blockages out of the body and restore the energy to a harmonized state.

Everybody is different and everyone’s needs are different. Listen to your body, it will let you know when it’s time for another session.

Energy healing is incredibly helpful to aid the recovery of an injury or surgery. 

However it should NEVER be used IN PLACE of medical treatment. An energy healer is not trained in the way medical practitioners are to understand the workings of the physical body.

If the medical issue is SOLELY an energy problem, great release will happen. But in most cases it’s usually a tangled web of physical-emotional-mental-etc. Energy healing will address the emotional-mental-spiritual side, but not the physical side. 

The distance takes on a more conversation route, where we talk through the energy as it comes up. In person we put you on the massage table where you’re free to chat along or sink into a meditative state.

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