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I’m Alia & I began Glowing Gaea in April of 2020 to try to bring a little more light into this world.

I started out with Reiki healings and aura readings – but my gifts have branched out tremendously since 2020. I now see myself as an energy healer & seer & work with almost all things metaphysical.

In sessions I connect with Higher Selves, Spirit Guides, Ancestral spirits, the energy body, the astral realm & other dimensions.

I received my BA in Literary Journalism from University of California, Irvine in 2019. I received my Reiki training and Energetic System training in private mentorship from Simply Healed Practitioner and diverse Reiki Master, Linda Joy from 2018-2020. I am currently residing in the Pacific North West.

Most sessions are conducted distantly, but for those of you in Northern Washington I am a reader at Karma Kards in Bellingham by appointment only.

Name pronunciation: Ollie-uh, all-EE-uh

meet Alia


my story

My spiritual journey first began in the pursuit of healing myself. I lived with undiagnosed chronic pain for over six years. Breathing was difficult, eating was near impossible, and nerve pain took away the use of my left arm. I would have these random episodes throughout the day of blinding pain seizing through my chest, neck & arms. Years of unsuccessful tests and doctors telling me I was fine, of hiding debilitating pain as I supported myself through university took a heavy toll on me. 

I needed to know that there was something more to life than what I was experiencing- that there was a reason for going through this.

I was raised by an atheist and an agnostic, I had no sense of a higher power or universal energy. When I heard about astral projection for the first time- the ancient practice of leaving your body- I was enthralled and dedicated my time to attempting this phenomenon (without success). Escapism would not be the proper branch into this new world, I discovered.

However, astral projection did introduce me to a world of meditation, of spirit guides, the astral plane, of magic in a world where magic was said not to exist. So instead of trying to escape, I started to distract, and to utilize these tools to help me. Meditation taught me how to calm & relax my body, which limited the amount of pain attacks I had. Spirit guides taught me that I am not alone, that I was cared for, which is a discovery that empowers you like no other.

It wasn’t until my first energy healing/Reiki session that I felt a genuine release of pain. I knew from the moment the energy started to flow that I needed to learn this trade, and the healer knew she needed to teach me. So, in the journey of learning to heal myself, I started to learn how to help heal others.

Reiki revitalized me, eased my sorrow and gave me inspiration to fight for my health again. So I did- I refused to let doctors dismiss me & I learned to ask the Universe to help me. Which led to a whole new set of doctors, one who took me seriously, and set me up on the path to healing. With a mix of docs, chiropractors, and energy healing, I slowly began to heal and finally got an answer- I had injured my spine. In just the right fantastical way that it was causing utter mayhem in my body.

Throughout all of this, I began having visions, spirits and entities started to visit me, I started to see energy & recognized myself as an empath. It was overwhelming, and I felt alone in a new way. I worried I might be insane, that the pain made me lose my mind. But really what’s a spiritual awakening without a dash of questioning your sanity anyways?

It took years of questioning, trying to shut down gifts, learning to trust them, learning to trust myself, my guides, and my intuition before I became at peace with my newfound abilities. I stopped looking outside for answers, stopped looking for someone who had the same experiences as me, and learned to own and cherish myself, to look within. 

And yet, I still operated in fear. I worried about how I could handle the financial responsibility of supporting myself & grow to be the person I wanted to become. It wasn’t until COVID-19, when the world seemingly ground to a halt, cutting off any opportunity of obtaining the corporate job I was so close to landing which allowed me to look at myself and ask what *I* wanted to do. 

I realized I wanted to help, in whatever way I could. I asked myself and my guides, what can I do to help people now? What is a way that I can show people how valuable they are, to brighten their day and let them know that even though the world is so uncertain, that they are important. That is when it came to me – aura readings.

In truth I had no idea how they would help people, I just trusted that they would and set out to practice. It was when the first stranger I had read for told me that the reading brightened their day, made them feel seen and understood- that was the moment I knew this work had the potential to help people. Cue the birth of Glowing Gaea.

Now Glowing Gaea has taken a new path – focusing on Energy Healings & Readings & Past Life Readings. Auras were just my foot in the door. 

In truth a spiritual journey has no destination, we have just caught up with where I am with it now. 

Glowing Gaea exists because of the love and generosity of other people, a love that I wish to extend to you- so you know that you are not alone, that it’s okay to be scared, that you are going to get through this, that you are special and worthy of being seen.

Get to Know Me

have you always been psychic?

nope! I developed my gifts as an adult

2. what’s your big 3?

Libra sun, Libra rising & Aquarius moon

3. how did you know you had gifts?

a little part of me always knew

4. When I’m Not Working, You can Find Me:

relaxing with my pets & fiancé

5. The Best Advice I can Offer You:

set your intention firmly, have a little faith & see what happens

6. what’s your favorite thing about what you do?

watching people feel the magic inside of themselves & embrace it!

7. what would your super power be?

teleportation – taking a quick lunch break in Costa Rica!!

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