The deep blue aura

Let’s dive into the traits associated with the Sapphire Aura, Navy Aura & Ocean Blue Aura

personality traits

The deep blue aura is the world’s go to fix-it person. Not only are they dependable – they love problem solving and being able to create something with their hands. They can look at a broken item and come up with several ways to fix it. 

Common hobbies for the deep blue’s – woodworking, crocheting, furniture building, computer building, working with engines, boating, music. 

Music seems to come naturally to the deep blues auras. Whether it’s composition, singing, or playing an instrument a deep blue often uses music as a part of their expression and a way to calm and center themselves.

I’ve met several who are all invention and no music, and many who have a bit of both.

They are souls who prefer to take their time with things, they do not like to be rushed. They prefer a job well done instead of job that’s just done. 

The deep blues are anchored beings. They need to be grounded and rooted. They do best when they have a stable home & stable income. They like to build long lasting success and don’t take a risk unless it’s highly calculated first. 

Deep blues will often attract people who need a little bit of grounding themselves, and the deep blue is often able to help these people relax and settle down. In the same vein these aura types are also very generous and would not hesitate to give the shirt off their backs to help out a loved one.

The blues tend to be more introverted and love to stay home and work on their hobbies. They are insightful but aren’t chatterboxes by nature. They speak when they have something to say, and they always think before they speak.

They prefer to go with the flow. A challenge for the deep blue is to provide the flow a little direction. Some blue auras lack ambition and struggle knowing what direction to take in life, so they let the flow of the universe decide for them. It’s incredibly helpful to set an intention on what you’re looking for in life – and this can be as simple as feeling content & happy, or comfortable and peaceful within. Placing direction in the flow state ensures that bring in a meaningful life.

The deep blues are often anxious and struggle with feelings of uncertainty. When out of balance they may become lazy or directionless. 

They are quite stubborn and headstrong. It’s not usually a bad thing since they consider everything deeply (to the point of overthinking) before deciding on anything.


Deep blue aura super powers

What spiritual gifts do deep blue auras have?

The deep blue auras have a profound sense of inner knowing. Of the clairs, claircognizance comes most naturally to them. They don’t know how they know, but they know. 

When a deep blue aura gets a guttural sense – they would do best to listen to it. Rejecting these senses can cause unnecessary challenges in life and lead them away from what will best serve them. The blue auras often have anxiety, and they will consider these inner senses as their anxiety talking. A deep inner sense does not produce anxiety in the body, it feels calm and certain. Even if the sense is producing a warning, it still does not create anxiety in the body. 

It is crucial for a deep blue aura to observe their body and differentiate where anxiety lives and where the gut senses live. For me anxiety is in my chest and throat, my deep senses are below the solar plexus.

The second clair that comes most naturally to the deep blue aura is clairsentience. The inner state of feeling. 

The blue auras will feel the energy of a person, place, or thing. They are most likely empathic and will feel the emotions or physical pains of another person as if they are their own. The more they develop their ability to feel energy the more diverse their capabilities become. They are able to develop psychometry fairly well, finding information about an object through touch.

While the purple auras favor having visions and sight, the blues will receive the same information through feelings and sensations. 

It’s one of those things that’s tricky to describe but undeniable once experienced.

cautions - what to be wary of

There’s a duality to all colors, so here are some harmful tendencies a deep blue aura should be on the lookout for. 

You are likely stubborn and headstrong, and while it is necessary to hold your ground at times, try to consider other people’s perspectives and where they are coming from. Teamwork is necessary and combining all perspectives can be fruitful. Don’t be an unmovable force unless you have considered the other sides + truly believe in the stand you’re taking.

Sapphire and deep blues can be slow to action. They are more methodical and take their time with things – this is great until they become stuck or struggle to take ANY action in their favor, It’s good to be in your comfort zone, but it’s also good to stretch your comfort zone.

When it comes to relationships – the deeper blues are often more passive in nature. They tend to attract fiery partners who often take the lead. Make sure your opinions are still heard and understood by your partner and ensure your relationship is in balance. Your needs matter just as much as theirs do. The fire needs the water to keep it in check.



common aura color pairings

It is essential for us to have a few dominant aura colors so that we stay balanced. These are the most common pairings to seen with a deep blue aura.


Green is – by far – the most common pairing with a deep blue. The green auras are grounded beings with a good work ethic and easy going nature. They need to be in nature more often than not to sustain a general feeling of okay-ness. Most deep blues need the green to make sure they have motivation and a desire for growth.


Less common than a green pairing but happens often enough. White auras are meticulous and organized. They like things to have their place and prefer order.


Orange auras always bring the fun and adventure. They are creative and friendly people who are good advice givers. They crave a more spontaneous life and will with away if they’re stuck in a monotonous career.

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