the hot pink aura

The hot pink or deep pink aura has several traits that a pink aura carries, but they adds their own unique flare to it. 

Hot pink’s are the life of the party. They have an essence to their energy people can’t help but love or be intimidated by. 

They know how to put an outfit together and look amazing and are not afraid to be bold. They extend this ability towards others and love to help a friend look and feel their best. They’re who I go to for makeup or styling advice. 

This ability also extends to their home decor and can make any space look and feel incredible to be in.

They love love, love to have a good time, and are not about to let themselves sit and be bored during their weekend.

The hot pink is all about PASSION, they do not want to be bored or live a quiet life. This passion extends into their love life, they don’t want to be bored and they really don’t want a dull bedroom.  

We all can learn to find the fun in this world by following our hot pink friend. We can also learn how to dress to impress by following their advice.

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