The periwinkle aura

The periwinkle aura is one of the most uncommon aura types. It is almost never a dominant aura color and typically only appears in trace amounts. 

Remember a well balanced individual has more than one aura color. Their dominant aura color links to their core personality traits. Our aura fluctuates and adapts with our health, mood, and character development. The dominant aura is always around but will shrink or expand in the energy field depending on how true a person is to themselves. A non-dominant aura color will still influence a person’s personality / choices they make for themselves.

personality traits

The periwinkle aura is a great friend to have around. They are trusting and trustworthy. They have a down to earth attitude and would give the shirt off their back to help another in need. They are genuine and don’t put up a facade to appease others. The periwinkle shines bright but doesn’t like to make a big deal out of things. They are not a fan of change and may put off making decisions in fear of what the change will bring.

They’re also very courteous – and NEED to keep that in balance! It’s wonderful to be a giving person, but not if you give your own well being away in the process, which the periwinkle is prone to do.


Okay periwinkle – don’t hate me for saying this. The periwinkle aura is the only aura color well known for picking the wrong person to form a relationship with. This can be friendships but is more often than not their romantic partners.

I’m not sure if it’s because they are self sacrificial or they have a hard time seeing their worthiness – but most periwinkle auras will attract and allow a relationship that does not do them justice. They should take a true look at the relationships in their life and ask if they are raising them up or pulling them down. 

I have seen ONE periwinkle who was in a good relationship. But even they admitted that their former relationships were not healthy and this was the first time they had a wonderful partner. They had very little periwinkle left in their auric field at that point.

why is the periwinkle so rare?

This is a working theory, but periwinkle is a lighter version of blue with small amounts of purple. Many of the traits of blue and violets have cross overs with the periwinkle aura. My thought is that if a periwinkle were not too sacrifice their well being for others and pick healthy partners, the periwinkle balance into either a blue or violet hue. 

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