what is a dominant aura color?

When I first started developing my aura sight, I was shocked to see that most people have several colors emitting from them at any given time. 

These colors fluctuate in size and location depending on the person’s mood, health & their personality. 

The aura colors that exhibit a person’s authentic personality are what we call the dominant aura colors.

How many dominant aura colors can a person have?

Typically between 1-3. 2 being the most common.

Are these colors always present?

Usually, yes. If a person is rejecting a part of themselves or not being themselves, these colors will often shrink dramatically in size, but won’t disappear completely. 

When a person is being true to themselves, these colors showcase themselves all over their auric field.

Can a dominant aura change over time?

From my experience, no. These colors showcase the persons true personality which does not tend to change much over their lifetime. Can it happen? Probably, in very rare cases, the world is a whacky place after all. 

A color is more likely to balance out in time. For example someone with a dominant green aura that is off balance may be a workaholic. Healing this aspect would cause the green aura to own their incredible work ethic AND incorporate healthy rest, which would balance their off-green aura into a healthy state.

How accurate are the dominant aura colors?

Incredibly, freakishly accurate. 

The very first time I had seen an aura I was SHOCKED when I looked up the personality traits and saw that it matched the person ex-ac-tly. Since then the aura colors have never steered me wrong.

How can I tell it’s a dominant aura and not from their mood or health?

This part is a little bit trickier – I’m a natural blue aura, so I’m a feeler of the energy. When I tune into an aura I both see AND feel it, the dominant has a certain feeling of authenticity to it that other colors don’t. The mood based colors often feel like the mood their emitting from.

Location can also help decipher this as well. Colors splotched around a specific area often indicate an injury. Colors around them mental space or a foot out from the heart display mood/thought process. 

The one sure fire way is to simply look up the aura color’s meaning and see if it matches the personality or the mood of that day.

You can find a full list of aura colors & their meanings here, on my aura color cheat sheet.

How do I find out my dominant aura colors?

Here’s the technique I would try. 

First, amp up the vibration of the space you’re in. Put on music, light candles, burn some incense, whatever feels spiritually groovy to you. 

Then, this is not mandatory but it will help, sit in front of a mirror. Mirrors have an amplifying effect. Ironically you will not be looking into the mirror. 

Keep your eyes closed – it is SO much easier to perceive an aura within your mind’s eye (or feel it if you have aphantasia) – physical sight comes later!

Say a lil prayer. Essentially you want to raise your vibration and prayer helps with that. You can also open up a Reiki flow if you’re trained. The prayer doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just talk to who or whatever you talk to up there and ask for some assistance. 

Take a deep breath and relax your brain. You may need to take a few deep, relaxing breaths. You are not aiming for a perfect meditation state, just a bit more relaxed. 

Now ask yourself, what color is over your head? When the first color comes note it and move on. What color is over your chest? Note it, move on. Work your way down the body. 

When you’re done look up the aura color meanings and see how it resonates! 

*Sometimes you absorb colors that aren’t yours, if a color trait feels wrong then ask – who or where did this come from? Trust the first answer that comes to you.*

Why should I find out my dominant aura colors?

A lot of us have a tendency to reject our nature. When we observe how our energy naturally wants to exist in this world, it makes it SO much easier to accept these parts of ourselves, instead of pushing to be something that we are not. We stop rejecting who we are  and become more comfortable with ourselves. 

Is there a superior aura color?

NO! This question drives me bonkers. Every aura color has their own unique and wonderful traits to them – there is no bad color. We NEED to have the full spectrum in our society to ensure it stays in balance.

Remember aura colors are supposed to be FUN! In my opinion it is the easiest spiritual perception to develop, so have fun with it!!

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