the pink aura

Pink can be found in an aura as a dominant color, meaning it is part of their core personality, or as a visiting color, meaning that it appears during specific situations or times in life. Let’s discuss both.

A dominant pink aura is a sweet and kind being. They are naturally nurturing and have an apt for taking care of others. They are one of the most generous aura types and feel best when they’re able to give freely to others. However they MUST be in relationships that reciprocate this generosity to stay happy. Pinks are more at risk at finding partners who take and take without giving and need to be aware of this so they can prevent themselves from being in a draining relationship.

The pink aura tends to be a bit more sentimental and loves reminders of their childhood and often hold onto objects that have significant memories associated.

They often yearn for a romantic, deeply connected love and won’t be satisfied until they find it. Sometimes a pink will think they should settle since their romantic goals seem out of reach, but if a pink allows the time it takes to find a well-matched partner, they will be in for a lifetime of happiness.

The pink aura is naturally good with children and animals. It’s that caring, nurturing energy coming out. 

They tend to feel their emotions quite strongly and are invited to nurture this side of them, not suppress it. When they let their emotions flow naturally, they are able to retain a clear mind and understand what’s best for them.

The pinks are the peacemakers of the family and can often be caught in the middle of disputes. They see both sides of the equation and work to bring them into an equilibrium.

Pinks are also great at tackling their problems as life hands it to them – they do not allow issues to sit and fester. As I’ve learned to love and accept my pink aura side, my ability to handle issues as they come up has grown significantly and in turn made my life MUCH easier. 

The pink aura is also known to be quite youthful, no matter what age they’re at. They approach the world in an almost child like sense of joy that uplifts everyone around them. This makes them approachable and people often gravitate to the warmth that a pink offers.

Cautions for the pinks

Since the pinks are so sweet and considerate they MUST be careful that they are not being manipulated or taken advantage of by the people around them. They can be easily swayed and may give up their own well being in order to appease another.

They also really love and thrive with a regular sleep pattern and will lose sight of themselves if they do not prioritize sleep and resting periods.

Just to reiterate – the pinks must be careful who they choose to love. They love hard and don’t walk away easily, so they must ensure they are with people who give and appreciate as much as they do.

pink as a visiting color

Pink will often appear in an aura if someone is experiencing new or deep and profound love. Their aura will glow with pink around the heart and edges when they are with someone they love and care for. When someone is looking at the one they love, pink appears in front of their eyes. 

Pink also comes around when someone becomes a new parent or grandparent. The baby triggers the nurturing energy to be activated and the aura adopts pink all around it. Some parents will permanently gain pink in their aura and will start developing a sentimental, emotional side that they didn’t have before. A grandparent who is not a dominant pink will have it in their aura when their grandchild is around.

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