The magenta aura

personality traits

The magenta aura is a unique individual who does not like to conform to societal norms or expectations. They march to the beat of their own drum and likely made the drum themselves.

A dominant magenta aura is a creative being who has a unique mind and takes a unique approach to getting things done. 

The magenta is vital to our society because they will see things that others don’t. They are out-of-the-box thinkers but can air on the side of anti-practical at times. They will expand the realm of what is possible and tend to have have blue or green auras around to help balance them out.

The magentas like to impress when it’s their time to shine, but have no problem taking a backseat when it’s time for a friend to step up into the limelight. 

When they choose to love they go all in. They tend to love animals easily, but with humans they are a bit more selective. This aura type is caring and nurturing, they want their friends and loved ones to have as much fun as they are having. They love to be helpful, are playful, and crave a life that’s joyful & full of memories to make. They have a good balance between drive & ambition and allowing space to chill and unwind.

A monotonous job or a job that limits their creative freedom or expression is detrimental to a magenta’s internal well being. Therefor they tend to pick off the beaten path careers that keep amusing fun & different.

Because they tend to lean more towards the eccentric side the magentas can be misunderstood by others, especially those who live off of logic alone. They may be misconstrued as attention seekers, when the magenta is full of love and being themselves and so shining brightly comes naturally to them.

Did I mention creative? Magentas are artistic and tend to enjoy dabbling in several different crafts. 

Rarity: Not super common, but not surprising to see either. 

spiritual capabilities

The magentas I’ve met are quick to pick up spiritual gifts. They may grow bored of it in time as they enjoy the seasons changing and what comes easy doesn’t always keep their attention. 

A blue tends to feel energy first while purple will see energy first, a magenta is a wild card in what they will pick up on and usually aren’t limited to one or another. They have a strong energy to them, and it kinda acts as fuel for the gift development. 

The magenta aura may also suggest un-awakened talents. They could be spiritual or non spiritual, and it may favor on the artistic side.

common magenta aura pairings

It is good and healthy to have more than one dominant aura color, typically we have 2-3. Here are the most common ones to see in a magenta, but remember everyone is unique (especially the magenta!) so it’s likely to see all kinds of pairings with them.

Magenta usually only appears in an aura when it’s their dominant color. Exceptions to this would be if someone were hanging out with a magenta aura, then they may have magenta around their heart or the edges of their auric field.


The magenta-purple auras tend to be a bit more laid back and enjoy the fine comforts and coziness of life. They may need more space and time alone. They will have a heightened sense of judgement and will not be afraid to stand up for someone else or defend a friend or animal. 

They are also a spiritual powerhouse.


The red-magenta’s are high energy and take “go all in” to another level. They may be more materialistic and fashion oriented. They often act first and think later. Slowing down is not their MO.

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