the turquoise aura

When you see turquoise in an aura, you know that person is a natural born teacher. They have a leadership quality to them that helps otheres feel heard and understood while giving any possible students the confidence to learn something new.

Turquoise has been visiting me more and more lately. Appearing in my meditations and self healing practice, and it’s telling me – one to write this post – and two it’s time to start teaching my energy classes again.

personality traits

If you have turquoise as a dominant or core color, which means it’s always with you to some degree and part of your authentic personality, than you will likely have several (but likely not all) of the traits listed below.

You have an effective way of communicating your knowledge. Story telling may come easy to you, or explaining things in a way that clicks for others. You are likely a bit more independent and have learned to stand on your own.

You may take a unique route to life and embark down less traveled roads.

Turquoise is often seen with white in aura as well, and these people have natural healing tendencies and capabilities. They may attract “wounded bird” energies and people who seek their guidance and wisdom.

The turquoise aura keeps a calm and cool composure. They may seem cold to people around them but are friendly and warm to those they are comfortable around.

turquoise as a visiting aura color

If turquoise is not a part of the core or dominant colors than it will appear in smaller splotches and come and go as needed.

When a color visits an aura, it’s helping a person take on the traits for a specific era or project in their life. 

I tend to see turquoise over the throat or around the head, and this is usually in people who have taken on leadership roles in life. 

I have had it come to me constantly over the past month and I just had the ‘a-ha’ moment that it’s inviting me to start teaching my classes again, but also to trust my voice as I share my work.


Rather uncommon. Rare to see it as a dominant color, more often seen as a visiting color.

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