the deeper meaning behind disliking a color

Growing up I HATED the color pink. I wanted nothing to do with it, not in my clothing, not in my stuff, nothing I owned could be pink. 

I also had an aversion to the color orange, for some reason it made me feel uneasy to look at. 

When I started developing my aura sight, I realized that disliking a color would likely impact my ability to see them and connect with them on a deeper level. 

It was also during this time I began to learn about the vibration behind each color and the traits each one specifically caries. 

I started to look into pink with a newfound curiosity and realized that the traits associated were things I actively rejected in myself. 

Pink is the color of nurturing energy, often emotional nurturing. Deep pink is also the epitome of “feelin yourself” energy. Essentially someone who is not afraid to dress up and show themselves off. They’re good at making themselves and others look good and feel good. 

Whereas orange is a very exciting color, its full of energy, spontaneity and adventure.

All of these were aspects in myself I had rejected. I was not well received by my peers growing up. My parents were not great with emotional connection. My classmates had no problem tearing me down the moment I started to feel good about myself. 

So resenting these energies was really me resenting the areas in myself that were rejected or not nurtured by my outer society. 🤯

This breakthrough was almost enough to heal my connection with them, almost. 

To heal my connection with pink, I meditated with the color. Sitting it in front of me and staring at it, letting my eyes relax as I did so, and breathing deeply. I let the color wash through me and registered how I felt as I did so. The more I stared and sank into it, the calmer I began to feel, the more I could feel almost the personality of pink engaging with my own. 

Admittedly, I healed my connection with orange unintentionally the first time I tried shrooms. Orange suddenly became beautiful to me and the tension I had with it was forever broken. 

Now pink is a huge part of my aura pattern, and orange steps in from time to time as well. 

I’m still learning how to embrace myself and show myself off, but I’m no longer afraid to do so. 

So it turns out, disliking colors was actually disliking aspects of myself. Healing my connection to these colors healed my connection to my authentic self.

What colors do you dislike? 

Check out my aura cheat sheet to see if any of the traits associated with that color stands out to you.

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