the teal aura

personality traits

The teal aura tends to be on the reserved side. They are calculative and do not make rash or impulsive decisions. This allows them to be firm in their opinions and decisions that they make, because they’ve thought through all angles beforehand. 

They are not the judgey type and do not look for validation from others. They like what they like, and if you don’t like it than too bad.

The teal aura is often a great listener. They speak less than a red aura does but stays observant & will listen to the whole room. Trust me, they have their opinions, and they will share them if prompted, but don’t mind keeping it to themselves either.

Teals enjoy being different than the main stream, but do not like to be put on stage or in a spotlight for it. They are not attention seekers and prefer to be doing their own thing and thriving in the background. 

They have a calming persona that people may be drawn to. They stay open minded, understanding, and are not harsh in their judgements. Oftentimes people come to them looking for advice or validation.

The teals move at their own pace and do not like to be rushed. They enjoy a job well done and trust themselves to do a great job, so trust the pace that they work at!

Teal auras also enjoy their alone time. They find a lot of joy and comfort in quiet peace and should seek it often.

Rarity: fairly rare

teal as a visiting aura color

We are composed of our dominant aura colors and visiting colors. The dominant aura is tethered to our core personality traits and are with us to some degree for our entire lives. Whereas visiting colors are only in the aura when they need to be. Possibly because a person is calling in that energy to help them with a certain phase/person/task. Or they are hanging out with a teal aura and their energy has started to take some of that teal on.

When teal visits an aura it can be because a person is craving more alone time or time for reflection. They may be feeling more reserved or feel the need to calm down and take a beat before moving forward again. 

If teal is detected in an aura and they do not fit the personality traits then it signifies their energy asking for time to pause, reflect, and calculate.

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