the yellow aura

Personality traits

Our auras are complex, fluctuating, and (when healthy) composed of several different colors. This helps us become a balanced individual. A person with a lot of yellow in their aura, or someone who has it as a dominant color is likely to showcase several of these traits. 

A dominant yellow aura is a person with an upbeat energy. They’re optimistic, kind, patient, and can be incredibly friendly and approachable. 

Yellow is a high energy color, so those who encase it tend to be busy-bodies, and often need to keep their hands busy (if they have a lot of deep blue in their aura than this is not necessarily true). They like to be out and about in the world and see it for all it’s worth.

They are idea machines, they can come up with incredible plans BUT may struggle to bring those plans into action. 

Their natural curiosity can make them a jack of all trades or a well of information on their dearly beloved topics. 

They tend to love to chat and share, they like to be helpful and feel that they help others. They are playful and do not want to take life to seriously and can get easily bogged down when they look at the work atmosphere of their society. 

Yellows make supportive friends, they listen, are patient, they love to motivate people towards optimistic views and goals. 

yellow as a visiting color

When yellow is seen in an aura in small amounts – often appearing as sparkles or little dots around the body, then they are often receiving the benefit of the yellow in that moment. 

Yellow as a visiting color often indicates someone is feeling rather happy and rejuvenated that day. They’re energized and ready for some momentum. They likely have had a new idea come to them that excites them and gives them proper direction. 

what a dominant yellow should be wary of

A yellow aura can become frozen in the planning stage and may struggle to put ideas into action. It’s necessary for them to force momentum and break through the idea-stage-rut. 

They can also be a little to idealistic and optimistic, and loose sight of realistic outcomes and goals.

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