the Red aura

Let’s go over all the traits that make up a red aura. I don’t have a drop of red in my auric field but I love and need the red auras in my life, they balance this little blue-violet out!

personality traits

When someone is a dominant red aura they are likely to display several of the qualities listed below.

They think fast, move fast. Dwelling is not in their vocabulary. They are truly the action takers of the aura spectrum, and boy do we need them!

The red aura is competitive, they rarely tolerate being told what to do. 

They are DRIVEN, when they have their eyes on a goal literally nothing can stop them and they achieve great things rather quickly. 

School can be very difficult for the red (this isn’t true for all reds) they like the learning aspect, but everything else school related is not for them.

They give off a I-don’t-need-anyone vibe and seem really independent, but they almost always seek a long term partner to lean on and fuel their independence from the world.

When a red aura loves, they are all in. They are deeply passionate lovers and really crave that reciprocation from their partner. When a red aura finds the right partner, the two of them are a force to be reckoned with

That being said, since a red is all-in, they may hang on to a relationship long past it’s expiration date. They want to make sure they tried everything before throwing in the towel.

The red is rather rebellious in nature and likes to challenge authority or rules they think are bs. They may also be adrenaline junkies and seek the next thrill. 

“Don’t waste my time.” Is something I’ve heard every red aura I’ve ever met say at some point or another.

While their tongue is a great strength, they are blunt and to the point – which is great, but also can be off putting to some softer souls around them. This also means they’re great at standing up for themselves and for others.

They have a lot of pride and a good amount of perfectionist to them. Perfectionism is the bane of their existence because they are so go-go-go.

cautions for the red aura

Sometimes you KNOW you need to slow down, that your body is begging for a break and you still won’t take it. It’s essential for an aura to slow down and regroup before their body forces a shutdown that is significantly more inconvenient and harder to get through than if they took the initial break. 

Slowing down is going to look vastly different for a red aura than it will a green or blue. You need to find what recharging methods work best for YOU and no one else.

Red auras hate being told what to do, and a lot of them do not like to be defined by others (which makes this post a little ironic). While it’s good to stand your ground, defiance for the sake of defiance will not get you very far in life. 

The mouth on a red aura can be a dangerous thing, you can be sharp tongued, head strong, and a bit of a bulldozer at times.

 You may be quick to anger which will lead to yelling or saying hurtful things for the sake of it – remember you don’t need to push the world away just because you are hurting. But never undermine the ability to stand up for yourself and for others – it’s a strength the red aura possess’s well. 

All of these qualities are also strengths when in balance.

the red aura's spiritual gifts

Red is the powerhouse when it comes to spiritual gifts. Most psychic practices comes easily to them, if they slow down long enough to try them out. 

There’s not really a limit to what a red aura can do, the trickiest part for them is to stay in practice. 

Greens are manifestors, blues empaths, but red is a little bit of everything. 

They also tend to have very PHYSICAL reactions to energy. If they are around toxic people for too long they may get physically ill in order to release the energy they picked up. 

When an energy healing occurs it can produce a severe physical reaction, like puking, headaches, feeling off, because their body is rapidly purging the blockages out. If they ride the wave and trust their body it will pass much quicker and gets easier as time goes on.

As a red aura is often restless when still for too long, they do best with movement-based meditation exercises. 

other reasons red can appear in an aura

If the red is more splotchy, darker, hovering over a specific area, or just feels a bit off, than it is likely actually the aura an injury is giving off. Red appears over inflamed areas or places of deep injury. When the red transitions to green then you know it’s in a state of healing.



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