Oberon the Goat’s Healing

Animal healings have been a fascinating experience. It’s become clear that it doesn’t matter the species of animal, the simplicity or the complexity of their brains, the energy of them is always intelligent and has something to share. 

All I was told about Oberon was that they didn’t know much about his history and that he loved snacks and didn’t like to be touched. 

Here is the unabridged reading for Oberon:

“He likes people. At least he is growing to like them. He is actually quite interested in what I’m doing, some animals completely avoid it or are really confused by it, but he’s intrigued. 

It’s interesting that you say he doesn’t want human touch, I feel that distance within him but I also sense how much he wants to feel the connection others get to feel.  Like he wants compassion and love and seems interested in the idea of comfort, but doesn’t know how to connect that dot past his fear/roadblock that’s holding him back. 

He would like to start with a past life. It’s something he dreams about sometimes, some nights he still feels the brisk wind and can glimpse the view he once had. 

I see him as some type of mountain goat in the deep north, maybe in the Asian hemisphere?

He traveled with a pack but they were distant from one another emotionally/mentally. They stayed together because it was helpful. Pack unity is something he is still working on, but is intrigued by. 

He has a thick white coat and would scale precarious mountains, viewing valleys of dark gray stones, green and some bits of snow. 

One day he registered a different smell in the air as usual. The pack was heading to a non familiar place. They had a few spots they cared for but would mostly just go wherever they felt like. 

The smell was smoke, from a chimney. (or at least a chimney like thing, it’s not a full house but more domed structures over sticks and stones and animal hides as outer walls).

An older man stood outside. He was singing and more smoke rose from his mouth. There was a family going about their daily chores behind him as he sang towards the cliff’s edge. 

They shouldn’t have been seen, but they were. That’s what Oberon says, because they were seen and they were hunted. He and his sister were brought down. She was taken right away. He had horns so they used him in a more sacrificial way. He was pretty aggravated dying like that. 

Another memory emerges. A little creature, I can’t tell what yet, is hiding under an object inside a warm cabin. There’s a fire burning in the fireplace. A man is on his hands and knees looking at the creature with a “what am I going to do with you” look on his face. I think his young daughter had found him and brought him in. The next memory is him being carried by the scrunch on the back of his neck outside. In that life he was separated from his mom too young, I can’t tell what he is, maybe a badger, I don’t really think he wonders what he is so it’s hard to tell. When the girl found him, it was the first sensation of love he felt in a long while. It’s not that he necessarily wanted to be raised by them, but he didn’t want to be cast away from that sensation, away from love and back into the cold. 

This lifetime he’s figuring things out. He seems like quite a young soul who’s just getting a handle on things. In each of his life I see him observing the community. Observing a community that interacts and seems to enjoy each other. I wonder if this lifetime he gets to experience that in a closer and more comfortable proximity. 

He also seems to be settling into trust. Like he’s looking at trust as an interesting specimen and is considering trying it. 

It seems like he is someone who needs to be slowly, slowly lowered into the water, and a lot of letting him come to you. He has developed a growing appreciation for you and some of the other goats around him. 

I’ve been asking him about this lifetime as well and kept seeing nothing, like he didn’t want to remember. But just now a few moments came through. I see him very young and cold, he was looking to other goats around him for comfort but they didn’t offer any so he began to close himself off. Then the memory shows him a bit older and kept outside in a very gray and damp place with gross food left periodically. The humans mostly ignored them though. Other than that he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

He was willing to receive healing to help him adjust easier. He did a great job letting certain blockages go to help him be more comfortable in himself. He was very reluctant to try to think about human touch as an opportunity to feel warmth and kindness, he seemed to really only be into a moment of touch when eating out of someone’s hand. He did allow energetic connections to be made to him and his community so he can start feeling like he belongs and not like a temporary visitor.

Just know he is working on it and grateful. He is a slow adjuster, but you’ve provided the perfect home for him to adjust to. I ask him if there’s anything else I could help him with, he just kinda bows and then walks away so I’ll take that as he’s done.”

Obie’s caretaker posted about the session on Instagram, which you can view here.

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