Why are my spiritual gifts not working anymore?

Many people who work on cultivating their spiritual gifts will report that they feel very connected and capable one week, and then feel completely shut off the next. 

Why is this?

It essentially comes down to 1 or 2 things. 

The first is that the body needs a break. If you’re in the gym you know your muscles will give out on you if you over do it, using your spiritual senses is no different. It takes a long time for the body to become used to channeling a significant amount of energy and will need to “shut down” in a sense in order to recharge. 

The second reason is because it’s time to be physical. It’s time to deal with the issues of life in front of you and not escape them. 

As I write that I can already hear – “but I’m trying to tune in to get answers on how to handle my physical life!”

If you’re in that boat than ask yourself this – did you already receive insight that you want more confirmation on or don’t want to accept?

 If not than often the universe has deemed you either know what to do, or whatever step you take next is the right one.

You can also trigger a shut down if you neglect your bodies warning signs. 

This happened to me before I had this business. I was trying to AP, and at the time I didn’t know that split mind projection was a thing (where you’re both in your body and out of it at the same time) and so I wasn’t aware that I already was APing. 

I could feel a part of myself floating but I kept pushing and pushing, I heard a guide warn me to not go any further but I felt so tingly that I thought I was soooo close to my objective, so I pushed a bit more, 

All I remember is everything started to look really abstract, then there was this falling sensation and I jolted back in my body. I felt fried in a weird way. What’s more is I couldn’t hear my guides or feel energy for a YEAR afterwards. It wasn’t until I started Reiki and energy healing training that things started to turn back on. 

So, learn from me on that one – if you feel warning bells or hear a direct warning from your guides – listen to it!!! 

In conclusion it’s natural for your gifts to turn on and off while you are cultivating them. Is it frustrating? Definitely. Is it also necessary? Sadly, yes. Trust in yourself, be kind to your body, and practice as you feel called. You got this!

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