aI Portraits & auras

This is the story about how I realized auras exist over basically anything & everything. When you think about it, it makes sense, everything gives off an energy signature and an aura is just that. 

A few years ago, before AI is what it is today, a friend said he had an idea to test my skillset but he wasn’t going to tell me what that idea was. 

He sent me a bunch of generic photos of people. I told him the auras I saw over them and while I noted the energy felt a bit ‘hollow’ some felt more emotionally ‘full’ then others. 

Then my friend revealed to me that these were not real people but photos created out of AI.

Which posed the question – how on earth do they have an aura then?

So we looked into the coding behind these AI photos and I noticed colors interwoven together on top of the coding. My aura sight does have an on-off switch in a way, and I had never thought to look at the words on my screen with my aura sight before. 

We wondered if the creator’s own energy was infused with the coding OR if their intention while creating the code was laced in, creating this amazingly intricate aura. 

So we pushed the theory a bit further, he typed words and had me look at them to see if an aura clung to them – and sure enough they did! The colors primarily matched his own aura field with slight changes based off the type of word. 

Then we wanted to see if I could differentiate between him typing and someone else, so he called his partner into the room and they both typed gibberish words. I was SO nervous at being tested but looked at the random letters – and what do you know there was a clear difference in colors, one that matched him, and the other his partner. 

We truly put a little bit of ourselves into everything we do – and that energy stays for a long time! 

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