finding comfort in my spiritual beliefs

From today’s newsletter:

I have been reflecting lately on how completely comfortable I am with my spiritual beliefs, and how that comfort has allowed me to feel completely comfortable with my place in the universe.
Now, I’m not here to tell ANYONE what to believe or not to believe – I am not here to say “this is the right way!” because honestly I don’t believe there is one right way. We all come down here with our own personal perspective, shaped by our unique experiences. What works for one person is not going to work for every person. 
Being spiritual means YOU get to decide what you believe in and NO ONE ELSE. There are several common spiritual beliefs I resonate with 100% and others I just don’t jive with, and that’s okay. 
I’m also immensely comfortable with knowing that I don’t and will not know everything about how this universe works. The more I see with energy work and past life work, the more I recognize how massive and complex the universe truly is. I have the beliefs that feel right and work for me and I allow my perspective and understanding to expand with time. 
It’s not about figuring out what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s about what works for YOU. 
The only thing I can say with 100% certainty is that it is never right to believe in hate as a way of life. So I will respect all beliefs until they start showing a sense of superiority or “damn those who are different” mentality. 
 I believe in my gifts and my work COMPLETELY. No one can ever take that away from me. The work I do is validated every single day. No one can tell me that they don’t believe in what I do and make me wonder if this is all real or not, because they haven’t experienced what I have, and no amount of condescending words can erase my experiences.
Growing up my Mom was agnostic, my Dad atheist with a degree in religious studies. He also LOVED to lecture, so he told me all about the different religions and I remember distinctly him saying “They’re all preaching the exact same thing, but love to say we’re right and you’re doing it WRONG!”
I also grew up in a Christain town with Mormon cousins. So religion was all around, and because I didn’t go to church some kids treated me a bit differently, and parents would often invite me to go to church so I could “see for myself”, and I would have to go when I visited my cousins. 
There were many nights where I laid awake in bed terrified I was going to hell because I didn’t understand religion at all. Then, as I got older, I became angry. What kind of god would damn me for being ignorant, for being raised differently? Whenever I curiously branched into the religious world I just did not enjoy it or resonate with it. 
My spiritual awakening was born right after a bad breakup when I realized I didn’t know myself at all, I didn’t even know what I believed in. Not having any idea if it was hell after this life, more lifetimes, or nothingness, caused this underlying stress and discomfort with myself and the world. 
It was Astral Projection that actually triggered my spiritual awakening. When I learned about it for the first time I was so intrigued, I did a ton of research and learned that it had been practiced by many different cultures all over the world for eons – and that made me believe it could be true.
My effort to AP was fruitless at the time because I was going at it with the wrong intention (escapism from my life + wanting to prove it was true) but that effort taught me how to meditate which opened up different gifts and led me to past life discovery and spirit guides. 
It took years to shake the fear of being deemed crazy – but I realized it was never because I didn’t believe in what I was experiencing, it was because I was afraid people around me would condemn me for experiencing it. 
This fear is SO not helpful when it comes to an awakening – an awakening is a BIG event where your upper chakras grow rapidly and without proper tools and knowledge it’s easy to become ungrounded and delusional. I had to learn the hard way how to remain grounded and balanced (which I’m grateful for because now I can help others in their journey).
Let’s fast forward to today. I’m 27, my awakening was originally at 20. I have glimpsed into hundreds of different time periods, worlds, and dimensions. I have no fear of death and no anger towards the world, I’m here riding the wave of life, enjoying this chapter of my soul for all it’s worth. 
If you experience deep fear in believing in what you want to believe in, or have religious trauma, that’s okay- so, so many of us struggle with this too. As someone who has come out on the other side of it, know that peace IS possible and probable. Let the fear come to the surface, ask it where it originates, once you understand it you can begin to let it go.

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