Learning the language of your intuition over time

From the Newsletter:

We can all make our lives significantly easier if we learn to listen and genuinely trust our intuition. It is an essential tool for navigating life. Ignoring it leads to frustration, missed opportunities, and unnecessary difficulty. 
I want to share a few stories about ignoring your intuition. 
One client was new in her spiritual awakening and was up in her office when a voice told her to sit down. She saw no logical reason for why she should sit down so she ignored it. Moments later she lost consciousness and hit her head as she fell. 
The second client, this call actually happened today, wanted to go to Target to buy wrapping paper for his Dad’s gift. A sense told him not to go to that particular store, he didn’t understand why and assumed it was because he might be late to his Dad’s birthday, and he pushed the sense away. He ended up getting in a tiff with a man who parked next to him, and the man even followed him for a bit on his way home. He was totally fine but realized he kept trying to reason or put meaning on his intuition instead of just listening to it. 
After that event he decided to listen more. He was invited to go on a dirt biking trip with his brother in law but a sense told him to stay home. So he did, and found out their trip had to end early, he ended up having the whole house to himself (which he needed) AND it allowed him to go to his friend’s art show which he had way more enthusiasm for and felt better about. 
Intuition is almost never going to be backed by logic. Logic is going to tell us our intuition is wrong and have us ignore it. A few weeks ago I was getting ready for an event, felt like I should bring my charger but didn’t because my phone was charged, but when I got to the event my friend was stressed because her phone was about to die. 
Logic is great, but it can not solve every riddle. We have to use our brain, heart, and our gut to navigate this world well. If we only use one we will be sorely missing out.
Learning Over Time
Sometimes it’s not easy to determine if something is your intuition talking or not – so you let yourself learn as you go. 
You’re going to make mistakes, you will have moments where you accidentally or intentionally ignore it, and if you allow yourself to learn from these moments you won’t ignore those senses next time. 
Make sure you OBSERVE these senses as they happen – how does your body feel? Is it relaxed? Is it coming from a certain area in your body like your solar plexus or your heart? Is it a calmness that happens or does it cause some tension?
Once you have moments where you know it was your intuition talking it becomes much easier to identify it later on. 
Allow Small Intuitive Moments
It’s not only going to be huge dramatic events that your intuition speaks up in. I’ll have a sense Jeremy found clearance candles at the store and what do you know. Or I’ll sense that a weekend plan is going to fall through and it does. The more you allow yourself to acknowledge the small moments, the more it builds and assists the larger moments in life. Plus the little moments make life so much more magical.
Anxiety or Intuition?
For me anxiety lives in one place in my body and intuition speaks from another.
 For me, intuition could tell me something really scary but it will not cause any anxiety in my body when it happens. The sense comes in a complete neutral state, I believe this is how it is for most people. 
What does Intuition feel like?
The one thing I know about energy is we ALL feel it and work with it differently. There are lots of overlaps and commonalities, but there is not one surefire way it works for everyone. Which is why it is so important to observe yourself, listen to your inner systems, and do your best to acknowledge when they speak up.
I talk about senses because that’s what is the most common for me, but for someone else it could be hearing instructions, having a vision, an inner knowing, we let it come in whatever way it wants to come. 
If you set the intention to listen and learn from your intuition, you will do so. It takes time, and a bit of reprogramming away from logic-only-thinking, but starting the journey now is better than never starting the journey at all.

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