the vision that made sense 3 years later

I am a big believer in “letting clarity come in time.” A lot of times we have visions or insights that are powerful in the moment, but make you go ‘huh?’

I was laying in my bed during my college years, zoning out, my eyes gazing at a clear quartz I had on my bookshelf. I started noticing the fractures within the stone that gave it a rainbow glint. 

I felt this light twisting sensation underneath my forehead and this feeling of gracefully falling backwards. 

The vision overtook the sight of my room, but I could still feel myself laying on my bed.

I was in the perspective of a large green bird flying over the ocean, there was no land in sight, only water. As I flew golden rings were being laid down underneath me, like I was producing them as I went. The layered on top of each other, creating what looked like a massive sacred 

There was a red bird and a blue bird also laying down rings far off in the distance. We flew towards each other and as we met we flew upwards in a perfect synchronized motion. 

And that was it. That was the whole vision. I had no idea what to make of it and while I knew it felt exactly how visions feel, I thought maybe it meant nothing and that I should forget about it. 

Later that day my friend took me to a fairy garden shop. It had everything you needed to make a cute little fairy garden, including a room filled floor to ceiling with all kinds of 2-inch tall figurines.

I had this sense that there was something I was meant to find in this room. I combed through all the shelves but came up with nothing, my friend had checked out but I wouldn’t give up. 

Then I found it. 

On the lowest shelf, in the back, knocked on it’s side was the statue of majestic green bird. The exact one from my vision. 

It felt like angels were singing within me for a moment. I knew that for whatever reason I was supposed to remember that vision, and I’d learn why later on. 

Fast forward three years later to when I became a Reiki Master. I had received my attunement and a few days later walked outside barefoot. 

It felt like I had stepped on a piece of a rather large & flattened metal hoop. But it felt warm, and like it was there and not there at the same time. 

I looked down and in the same way I typically see people’s aura colors, with my mind’s eye, I could see these large golden rings overlapping each other farther than the eye could see. 

It’s still here.” A voice in my head said, loudly yet calmly. 

I remembered the vision then. 

The universe decided to elaborate even more a few months later. 

I had a crystal Reiki Attunement and sound bath healing with a local healer scheduled. It was my first and only one with this particular person.

When I got there we were doing the nice-to-meet-you small talk and I was asking questions about some of the gifts I had developed while I was learning Reiki. 

To which she said, “Well you’re an earth healer, you know that right?”

I told her I didn’t so she explained further that an Earth healer can see and feel the Earth Grid, which is the sacred geometric grid the world is built off of, and therefor can repair it. 

The earth grid has now became a major part of my practice as a distant energy healer, but that’s a story for another say. 

To reel it all in, sometimes we have visions that plant a seed in our mind, or give us a small piece of the puzzle.

As we find more pieces, as the seed grows, we start to connect more dots on what these visions mean. Clarity, eventually, will find it’s way – if we keep the door open for it. 

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