Aura Reading Before & After Entity Removal

Laurens Aura Before Entity Removal

I’m no stranger to entity removals, I actually have a weird love for doing it. I almost never see them coming. 

Lauren had messaged me after reading a story of mine off of Reddit, booking a past life reading and an aura headshot. I was finishing up the aura drawing a bit before our session was scheduled to begin, when I got to the purple chest piece. 

I draw both intuitively and by replicating what I see happening over the photo. I started drawing the tendrils and at first it confused me, because auras don’t move like that. I have, however, encountered several entities that do.

When I got on Zoom with Lauren, one of the first things I asked was if she had ever felt something like an entity on her or messing with the world around her. I was rather blunt about it and hoping she would be on board. Immediately she said yes. She told me she first felt one attached after messing around with an ouija board as a kid, and again a couple of years ago. 

I tuned into her spirit and saw a shadow standing next to her right away. Lauren asked me if it would take a lot of energy to remove the entity. I said no, but I think I was lying. I could tell it would require my full attention to be adequately removed. So I called in Archangel Michael and worked with him to remove her but could tell more needed to be done. I told Lauren that after the past life reading, I would do a trance real quick to fully remove it. 

Her session turned out to be a lot of fun. My favorite life personally was when she acted as a coven leader in Northern Europe. She was also a soldier in World War I.

Afterwards I sat, did my trance thing, and removed the entity from her aura, pulling tendrils and leeching snakes out of her energy, and then removing and disconnecting the entity from every dimension I could detect her in. 

Below is an unedited version of the healing I sent her:

Hi Lauren!

So after our session today I sat down and completely removed the entity from your energy. I don’t think I did justice describing this being earlier so just in case you were curious – she looked like some 1890s old lady, like the kind that’s very skinny and taller but with the back hunched over rather severely. She had on a dress, she was a shadowed silhouette with glowing red eyes so the details weren’t really there. Her hands were bones basically and dramatically long. Her hair was like Frankenstein’s wife except not as tall. She had one hand on a cane, the other on your heart.

In the reading, I saw her hand on your chest in the same spot its occurring in the aura. The aura is very interesting to me, the purple tendrils reach out like a demented hand. And the color around the hand is much dimmer than other areas in your aura, like she was leeching. I take that to mean a dampening in your heart chakra and also warping your gifts and feeding off the energy, and when purple gets darker it becomes quite sad. 

Completing the removal wasn’t difficult after we disconnected, it required a five minute trance and removing her from all layers of your energy.

 Then I thought it’s no fun to see an aura that doesn’t show you who you are now, so I thought I’d do it again. I tried something new where instead of tuning into the energy of the moment when the picture was taken, like I did the first time, I asked for this new healed energy to present itself to me on the photo, and drew what I saw from there.

There’s quite a few differences! The purple has evened itself out over your heart chakra and is now forming healthy motions with a nice little sparkle sparkle going on. The red is also gone to, which makes me think that the red was something that the entity had been causing, the red tone even matches her creepy eyes. The red appearing on your right side means that it may have affected your driving and passion, deluding a clear course to living your best life. Also I just realized, in the Before photo one of tendrils that touches your arm is causing a red glow which is gone in the After photo.

The pink yellow orange is gone too, but it’s only out of sight. I think it moved to the lower back area, this feels like a very nurturing energy. It almost makes me feel like some guardian who’s been trying to assist you here. Look at the way it pushes against the purple, like it’s trying to help heal it and keep the entity from spreading. The energy is very similar to your own, but different enough that I know it comes from another consciousness. This leads me to believe that it’s a spirit from your soul tribe (energy that matches your own, soul tribes tend to help each other out either as a spirit guide like this energy here, or as a friend/family member in life).

The other thing I notice as a big change, is there are multiple signs of abilities opening up here. Starting with the glitter circle above your throat chakra. This shows abilities within the throat, which indicates channeling abilities. In the After photo, you also have a bit of turquoise emerging that was not present in the Before. One of the traits of turquoise is effective and clear speaking, like a motivational leader. Much like how you were a High Priestess in that coven life!

Another sign of abilities opening up is the purple taking on a healthy purple tone without scary entity tendril crawlies going on. It feels very alive and moving, the glitter swirls are very interesting to me. The glitter feels mostly like your own energy growing stronger. But at first I drew just one swirl, the one that stands out a bit more than the rest, and as I stared at it I heard will o’ the wisp. 

Now look at your eyes. One has purple and the other has passion pink. So fun factoid, the right side of the body represents the masculine energy – what we do and what action we put forth. The left side is the countering feminine – our nurturing side, the part of us that takes in information and digests it. The left side of your eye is a lavender-y, violet-y purple, which tells me that you’re seeing new things, visually, spiritually, the clairvoyance is opening up here. The other side of that coin is the pink tones in front of your right eye, suggesting that this information your intaking is being filtered and shone out into the world, seeing how to apply it into your life now. The shading of the pink suggests much passion here, perhaps a passion project emerging.

Another very interesting movement happening in the After aura is that blue energy with the rainbow on it, to me it looks like it’s flying down and joining your energy. It’s energy to me is a very excited sprite like being. It feels like an entity you’ve known for a long time, like a really cute pet familiar, and now that the super negative entity is gone, this one can come back to you. 

In the Before drawing, the energy whiskers around your face. This shows you looking for something, and also your energy trying to bring in the right light to deflect the entity that had gotten a hold of you. In the After, the energy is not trying to leave anymore, but is instead intaking and enjoying its space.

Let’s start breaking down color meanings.


Green is the color of growth and transformation. The green on your right shoulder in the After photo feels like very intense healing and new beginnings, new opportunities, and an incredible amount of growing. 


The green around your forehead is a more minty tone, which feels like fresh opportunities and also a possibility for side gigs or fun little projects that might make you money.


Other traits to the green aura is enjoying the good life, responsibility, and a love for animals and nature.


Blue is a color of peace and tranquility. Blue aura’s need their calm and peaceful environments to recharge. They are rather intelligent and often musically inclined (like singing) or at least have an appreciation for it. They make great friends and like to keep the peace. They love unconditionally and are protective over their kin. The blue auras are typically empaths. There’s a hint of blue here that feels like your husband’s energy.


Turquoise is a more rare aura color. One trait we’ve already discussed is speaking as a leader clearly and effectively. This aura color is also known for being wise beyond their years. They’re also highly intuitive, and have an extremely strong inner sense of knowing. The other thing about some turquoise is they can seem cold at first when they’re really not. They’re very compassionate and caring but also not quite ruled by their emotions. Both blues and turquoise are often gifted healers too.


Yellow is curiosity and intellectualism, it is also a very happy color. Yellow’s are friendly and accepting individuals. They’re easy going and handle changes of plans well. Yellow arriving in an aura can also signal new inspiration and new ideas. The white works with the yellow here, white meaning clairity, healing, and fresh starts.


We already went over how purple indicates spiritual gifts. It does also indicate a vividness to these gifts. The blue is the intuitive knowing, the purple is usually more of the visual scale. Other traits that surround the purple aura is a heightened sense of awareness, someone who is very contemplative, and needs alone time to think. They have a desire to understand things about themselves and about the world. The purple relates to the Judgement card in tarot. Purple auras often put others before themselves and seek to be a helpful soul in the world. Purples often suffer from feeling lonely. When purple is out of balance and too heavy in tone, it can signal depression. It looks very balanced here.


The tangerine is present in your arm in both photos and also within the helpful soul tribe spirit. Tangerine is exceptionally rare, to the point where I have almost no data on it. This tangerine seems to be accompanied by the yellow and the pink. Tangerine is based in orange, the sacral, but a lighter tone to it. Orange is adventure, seeking to embrace life and vitality, they can be a little reckless so I feel the tangerine is the toned down version of that. A sweeter thrill seeker. It’s also a color associated with confidence- as is the yellow, the pink is the passion and the nurturer so it’s interesting to see them working together. They seem to be a part of your essence, a soul tribe thing, and even if you don’t feel all these things at times, the confidence/love/support know that it’s there and within you.

Pink Tones

The lighter shades of pink have to do with nurturing, with I think vibrates with you because of the nurturing you give your husband. This tone of pink is all about sensuality, emotional depth, and a deep passion in love and in how you pursue the world. People with this tone are also often strong willed and headstrong.

Over the next few weeks, look at the way the colors move together and over certain body parts. Think about what that means to you, and what colors mean to you. We all have our own unique connection with the vibrations, so indulge in yours. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy with me!

With Light,


March 28th, 2021

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Lauren's Response

I just saw the before and after photos and read the report and I had to tell you that as soon as I saw the healed aura I got so emotional. I had such a sense of relief, joy and what felt like a huge release of old energy from my heart center. The level of gratitude I feel for you, this healing and this reading is beyond words!
Yesterday afternoon when I was having my salt water bath with my Tibetan quartz and jet crystals for protection, I was doing a meditation and I could feel the shifting and changing in my energy and at one point suddenly this amazing color of pink took over when I had my eyes closed so when I saw the passion pink in the new photo I was like oh my god that’s what I saw during my meditation!
I feel so much joy that you’ve made space for these new and beautiful energies to come in and for wonderful new possibilities and the emergence of gifts in my life going forward!
I will continue to do the golden light protection because damn that lady sounds scary as hell and I don’t want her or any other lower vibrational energies getting anywhere near me again lol.
I would absolutely love it if you were to use my pictures and story on your website! I hope its able to help other people who are suffering from an attachment or energy vampire/hag..the spirit lady with me definitely sounded like the old hag archetype..I had a dream about her a couple of times for sure. One in which she reached into my body and grabbed my kidney and squeezed as hard as she could and when I woke up I was still feeling that awful pain in my lower back. The lightness and relief of her being gone is unreal and friggin wonderful!!
You are such a truly gifted and beautiful soul and I am so glad the universe led me to your story on reddit so that this could all happen! I love it!
so much Love to you and my deepest gratitude from the bottom of my heart! Thank you sooooo much!
March 28th, 2021

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    April 1, 2021

    What an amazing story! It was fascinating to read the prelude, the aura reading itself and the response. Thanks for allowing it to be shared Lauren.
    I think it’s an excellent example of Alia’s gifts and skills.

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    online meubelshop
    July 5, 2021

    thanks, very interesting 🙂