how sharing my visions has made me feel more sane

When you peer into the beyond and really start cultivating your spiritual gifts, you will see and experience things that seem completely insane to the non spiritual person. 

When I first started having visions I was terrified that I was insane. I truly felt that if I shared what I experienced I would be locked up and abandoned by everyone I knew. 

I will say that I still struggle with this from time to time – not because I don’t believe in myself or my gifts, but because I know that a lot of people haven’t stopped to truly think about how big this universe might be. 

So back in my “am I crazy?” days I made a Reddit account with the first username I could think of, and because it was anonymous I felt like I could share my visions and experiences.

 I 100% expected people to affirm to me that it was time for some meds and an asylum – but the opposite happened. People started saying how they had seen the exact same thing, or my experience matched the experiences of others they had read about. Because I took a chance to tell my story, someone on the other side of the world felt seen, and allowed themselves to accept these energetic perceptions on a deeper level.

Every time I was scared of being cast away, instead I was shown that I’m not as alone as I thought I was.

There is a massive awakening happening right now, and the internet is one of our greatest tools for doing so. My Great Great Aunt Conny told me she would eat up any book she could find on spirituality and that there was not many of them in her lifetime. Now it’s everywhere, and we have the ability to share and connect with each other in a way we have never had before. 

So let yourself peer into the beyond, gaze into the unknown. Peer into yourself and see what beautiful riddles and answers lie in there. 

It’s the era of discovery – discovering ourselves, our capabilities, what this world has the potential to be, and how we can show up and do our part for it.

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