allow clarity to come in time

Sometimes when we have visions or energetic insights it makes sense right away. other times it clicks a few days later, & sometimes it can take years. Some visions are like chapters and you get one piece of it at a time. I’ve had a vision that was beautiful but made no sense to me, until 5 years later when I reached a new development with my healing journey and the dots connected. 

As an energy healer who heavily incorporates psychic analysis into my work I have to trust the energy that comes through without demanding any sort of validation. 

Energy is so expansive that we could be clearing long dormant memories from early childhood, or stored ancestral trauma. Those moments may never bring true validation, and that does not make them wrong.

I had a session last year with an Indian woman, one of her ancestors kept calling her “mija” which is Spanish and not at all Indian. We weren’t sure what to make of it at the time, but just a few moments ago I received an email from the same client who said she had figured it out. 

“I remembered later that in the past, in high school and early college especially, when I was particularly sad/upset I would write in my journal. Sometimes when I would write I would feel this really loving and comforting presence, and during those moments I would start my journal entry with “Dear mija”. 

A really encouraging and sweet message, where I would write to myself in third-person would follow the “dear mija” (ex: “You’re doing a great job, don’t be discouraged, etc.”), and looking back on it now, I believe it was that ancestor.”

She was unknowingly practicing channel writing while journaling!!

It is so natural for us to seek meaning in the visions we have. And there is nothing wrong with that – go & research, see what you can find! The caution is to not belittle a message or cast it off just because you don’t understand it at the time. Let clarity when it’s ready to. 

If the message felt right, if the energy behind it felt good and solid in vibration, then you can trust the message. 

If your research leads to nothing – again do not despair and do not lose hope. Leave the door open. Set the intention that you will understand when the time is right, then move on and stay trusting.

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