A Soul’s Birth

“Before this solar system was a thought, and the solar system that created this solar system was a thought… in dimensions so far away from here and extensions of time so far away from here…I see a star.”

She had asked about her origin. I had the smallest sensation of falling, being sucked backwards deeply, deeply into time.


Typically experiencing such a distant reality takes an intense amount of energy, and the vibration can be difficult to hold. But working with this woman was like working with a massive battery. Our shared energy made everything easy to see.


I was taken into space, surrounded by an immense sense of peace. 


Before me there floated two person sized stars hovering a few feet away from each other.


The center of these beings contained a magnificent ball of silver and white light. Silver streaks emitted from the light with hints of rainbows reflecting off of them. 


Upon the top of the white core each star had a head. One was a woman, another a man. I knew without a doubt that it was being shown to me in this specific way so that my brain could understand the message it was being shown.


Behind them there was another ball of light. It was vibrant, without streaks, and had no head. It had the presence of something immensely ancient.


They stretched out two of the thicker beams of silver light, like arms reaching, into the star.


After a moment, they pulled out a small bunch of energy, looking just as if they were holding an infant bundled in a blanket. Except this blanket was pulsing with light and life and vibrations and glowing astonishingly. 

One of the stars held a beam of light over the infant star, and trickles of energy emitted into the new being.


The energy transference contained different images of what life could be like. The two gave her a choice, did she want to live? To experience? To grow?


They showed her millions of different options on the potential of life, thousands upon thousands of pathways she could choose. They told her they felt this energy was destined for a certain kind of path, but it was up to her if she would like to embrace it.


Her being emitted a pure, beautiful thought, “Yes.”


I wasn’t able to see what she had specifically chosen, but I knew it was unique. 


They took the bundle of light and began drifting upwards. I hadn’t noticed before, but it seemed as though we were floating amidst a planet sized bubble. The two star beings were floating towards one of the edges.


The bubble’s translucent wall allowed us to view into one of the most impeccable views a soul can see. Galaxies and stars were far away neighbors, several of each could be seen scattered about in every direction. There was this great sense of peace and enormity all around.


Small white glittering flecks swept by the outer ridge of the bubble, like the trail had been left behind a travelling star. The specks seemingly formed a floating stream that wisped by the bubble’s edge and out into the great beyond.


Her parents floated up where the river shifted by. They simply pushed her through the membrane, and let her go.


It was like floating on a very slow lazy river, set in the expansive wonderland that is space.


She had no sense of anything, which made her the ultimate observer. 


Her being watched as she passed stars, planets, comets and energetic beings with a mild fascination. 


Some planets were burned out of energy, others were teaming with life. 


She passed certain beings that were glowing orbs, with glitters and dust that surrounded the orbs in delicate patterns, forming creatures and human-like figures around them that moved and smiled.


One was described simply as a goliath. She appeared as a fantastically gigantic woman made of green dots and glimmers. Her hair flowed around her head, made of wisping green star dust. She seemed to lay on her belly, legs kicked up behind her. She placed her chin upon her fingers, her large lips smiling as she flirted with another deep blue being. The blue being was smaller and felt shyer somehow, they didn’t use their energy to create a face.


She floated on and on down the river.


At one point she began floating by a silver planet. As if a planet were made of mercury. There were these beings, who also looked like they were made of mercury, with elongated heads that curved back and into a point. They had sharp fingers and were riding, or maybe their feet were just one large surfboard, also made of the fluid silver. They rode around the planet, some of them dipping into it at certain intervals.


In the back of my head I was reminded of the Silver Surfer comic book, questions started to form, (am I influenced? Was the creator of that comic book from this planet in a past life?) but the flow was so strong that the memories kept coming and I knew I’d have to ponder that at a later time.


This planet fascinated her more than anything she had encountered yet. She was curious what in the cosmos they were doing, and her fascination produced her first moment of desire, her first moment of will


Suddenly she broke out of the stream, something she had never known or thought to do before, and was heading towards the silver planet. 


She circled cautiously around the shiny world, trying to peer down at the society from the atmosphere’s outer edges. 


Once her curiosity was satisfied she anxiously made her way back to the stream. 


As she floated through her safety net, she had her first sensation of feeling restless. 


This being had never known they could do something, or anything. Now each planet that intrigued her she would break from the stream and fly around it a few times before coming back. 


Her curiosity grew like a hunger.


In one moment, she began to circle a small tropical place. There were little islands with palm trees and wildlife. She wondered what happens if I get closer? 


She fell down from the cosmos, and woke up as a bird. She had dark red feathers that spanned across her head like a mane, she was massive with talons that could kill a small beast without much effort.


She experienced physical sensation for the first time, it was bizarre and exhilarating. But the islands were small, the options were limited.


After the life passed on, she was sucked out of the place. For the first time she heard a voice.


“Do you want to do that again?” 


She was confused at first, but answered “No I don’t, but I want to experience other things… I want to experience life, excitement, joy.”


She watched as a being began to take shape in front of her. Her guide presented itself for the first time. They said that her parents had come to her when she was first placed within the cosmos and they had been watching ever since, waiting for her to be ready.


They said they wanted to make sure she was ready and that she chose to do this. They asked if they could show her different potential places, options that she could exist within next, and she agreed. 


I could feel the passage of an incredible amount of time and flashes of planets and stars and the feeling of growth.


She had quickly realized her love for planets that needed a helping hand.


A memory came forward of her living amidst a local war, she had seen a soldier boy come home with a bad gash on his leg and she worked hard and with love in her heart to fix this boy up. 


It was her same attitude towards planets. She would enter a beautiful space of existence that had a “broken leg” and asked what she could do to help. She didn’t venture into total hellscapes with a false optimism in fixing it, but places she felt a genuine love and connection to. 


That’s how she viewed Earth, a beautiful planet with a broken leg, asking for a little love and support to get back on its feet and balanced once again.


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