the green bird

This is the story of one of my earliest past life visions, and the wonderful artist who brought it to life years later. 

The vision began with a man’s face. I was a tall woman of diplomatic status, I could feel it in the aura I radiated and the posture I held. A man, shorter than me with a stocky build, stood facing me, a welcoming expression on his face. 

He was built and layered in a leathered armor. He had asian features with a long goatee. He commanded respect and an undeniable sense of strength that wavered through the air. 

When I enter a memory I don’t just see it, I feel what they’re feeling at the time with the echo of their memories radiating throughout my body.

I was visiting him and his great society as an act of friendship between our two countries. It was in the Chinese region, but it felt like this predated China. 

Behind him was a stone wall with a few carved decorations, their were breaks in the wall, natural windows from floor to ceiling, with nothing but air separating us from the great valley below. 

They had built large parts of their city into a massive stone valley. The windows were all facing the same face, where a stomach-churning drop loomed below them. Green smudges could be seen below with a thin stream running through it.

To the right of the stone valley was a massive cave. To the left the stone corridor curved out of site. Across from us was another stone wall, but this one was mostly left untouched. Hills covered in lush trees stretched out into the distance. 

The memory shifted and now we were walking outside, he was happy to show me something special. We left a small wall that protected the small villages that lived around the stone city. The sun warmed my skin as we walked.

We rounded a bend where a tree came into view. Three men sat cross legged with books and charcoal in their hands. They were attempting to draw the creature that was tethered to the tree.

A massive lime green bird stood, proud, majestic and looking only a little annoyed at those drawing her. 

We’ve all been told that dinosaurs had feathers. Which is easy to hear but not as easy to imagine. Well this creature was 100% a dinosaur with bird like features. 

She was maybe 7 feet tall. Eyes yellow and piercing. Legs and feet like a chicken. Her belly like an ostrich, a soft fluffy underside she had flightless wings ordained with a deeper green feather. Feathers plumed around her face giving the impression they’d flare out like a mane when she’s startled or provoked.

As I stared at her I realized that my imagination could not have come up with this even if it tried and that what I was seeing was very real. 

In my mind I asked “why is it lime green??” The memories shifted again. I saw her sitting amidst these massive leaves with huge brightly colored flowers. As the sun broke through the tree line and hit the leaves, it gave off that same glint of lime green. She fit right in, the perfect camoflage for her environment. 

I saw image after image of birds like her living off large bugs and small fish, which is how she survived the great extinction. 

The memory shifted back to standing in front of the tree, and the man of strength was explaining that her species was incredibly rare and they assumed she was one of the last of her kinds. The last sighting of something like her was many decades prior. They planned to document what they could and then release her. 

She had wandered out of a rocky area, the locals said the area was too tumultuous to travel safely through so they tended to stray away from it and favor different paths.

The vision ended there, but another would take place a few days later. I was in the same area on the same trip, but this time we were observing the great cave. I’ll share this story soon, it deserves it’s own post.

This vision was monumental for me and would be one of the pivotal moments that led me to becoming a professional past life reader. 

Years went by and one evening I was watching the documentary Life on Our Planet. They spoke about prehistoric Earth and brought up the Terror Bird, the likeness to the green bird floored me. While certain things didn’t add up, like location and time of extinction, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a relative or distant cousin to the creature I had seen. 

I shared my experience on the pastlives subreddit and received incredible feedback. People citing ancient ostriches and other birds that might match. You can read the post here

One user, 123Thundernugget commented a link to a drawing he created and let me tell you tears came to my eye when I opened the image. To have something that lived in your head be brought to life, honestly there’s nothing like that feeling. I told the artist what he got right and what needed tweaking and to my utter amazement he sent me a drawing that truly looks like it could have come from the sketchbook of the men sitting by the tree.

This subreddit has taught me the power of sharing your voice. When you find the right community, the support & clarity that can come through is monumental.

The original sketches

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