past life reading experience: a woman who would place herself in mass death situations in order to help people cross over

To this day this reading is one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had. It opened my mind and expanded my perception of this universe in ways I could have never have predicted. 

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This woman would intentionally live lives that would place her where a sudden mass death would occur. 

 I saw two, one was an earthquake, the other a tsunami. I could see the echo of several other situations like soldiers attacking a village and whatnot in the distance.

The earthquake took place in an Asian country, not quite sure which one. It was a few hundred years ago. 

She was standing in a small room made entirely of stone, preparing dinner when the earthquake struck. The infrastructure collapsed around her and she died instantly.

 At the moment of her death, when her soul rose above her body, she instantly remembered her spirit and her mission, and snapped into action.

She stepped outside into a scene I have never seen anything the likes of before or since. 

Everything was destroyed, there was rubble everywhere. It was a completely collapsed neighborhood, it was nearly impossible to tell what it may have looked like before the quake. 

Bodies littered the ground. Above each body was the spirit of who had just inhabited it. Many looked like they were sitting up, but had left their body behind and were mildly surprised by that. Nearly everyone had some sort of guide with them trying to soothe them and help them cross over.

The newly dead people were a white-gray-blue with complete detail. The spirit guides were a transparent white. 

Some people were being carried up by their guides. Most were still on the ground, in utter shock, looking around as their guides tried to talk to them. 

One man stood on top of a pile of rocks, rubbing his chin and looking at where his former foot stuck out from underneath the stone with a dumbfounded expression on his face. Two male guides stood next to him, one was talking while the other was patting him on the back.

There were several people who were blinded by fear. One woman was sitting with her knees close to her chest staring at her hands and rocking back and forth, not moving away from her body.

 She emitted this energy around her that was pure fear. To me it looked like a static intense gray bubble encasing her. Similar to a force field, but not a good one to have. Her guide stood behind her, trying desperately to reach through the aura of fear but wasn’t able break through and reach her.

My client moved forward and grabbed her wrists, somehow in her half state as a ghost and not someone crossed over, she was able to move through the fear aura while the guide was pushed away from it. 

She still looked like the body she just inhabited, so the woman recognized her. My client yelled, ‘You’re safe but you need to stand up and get to your guide.” She yanked her up and shoved her (nicely) towards the guide. 

She ran to the next person and the next who had this emanation of fear surrounding them, shook them out of it, and handed them to their guides. I don’t at all know how this works, but I believe her doing this helped the spirits who were blinded by fear cross over instead of getting stuck in the in-between.

This is one of the most incredible duties I’ve ever seen a person take on. I’ve never seen anything like it before or since. This is a truly noble and selfless person. 

It was also fascinating to see death from a spirit guide’s perspective. There is so much happening on the other side than I ever could have guessed or expected.

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