An LGBTQ+ Love Story, Past Life Style

This lifetime emerged when a client asked who their ex was in a past life…

A Medieval Love Story

“We are in a castle. I’m about 17 almost 18. I wear a red dress with satin slippers, my hairs done upwards in a tightly braided bun. I am running down the hallway, laughing as I do. A blond girl in a blue dress is laughing and running ahead of me too. 

We escape to a corridor, used mostly for storage and teenage hookups now. Feasts were in the air and all the men were drunk. We didn’t understand we were gay yet, but we knew we liked kissing each other and experimenting. We gossiped as best friends do, making fun of the boys and some of the girls that flock after them. 

My heart is guarded but hers is open and warm. She loves many. I don’t think of it as love for her in that way, it would take years before I looked back and it all made sense. 

We both knew we would be married off to men. It didn’t really matter to us, it was the stories we’d always grown with. Men and women were rather separated from each other as well. Men drank whiskey in their parlor, women drank wine together in there’s. 

It was she who introduced my heart to safety and satisfaction. But she was fickle with it, and held it like a toy that could bounce, not one that was delicate and could break if dropped. 

She loved many, she flirted with many boys and girls and I didn’t enjoy the jealousy but also had no idea that was what I was feeling. 

I called her my gateway lover. After her we both settled as wedded wives. I learned quickly that I would love and respect my husband in a certain way, but it lacked a warmth, a tingle with it. Looking back on her and us, I could understand a glimpse of what love was supposed to be, and that made me hopeful for the future. 

Years passed, a son born, estates grew. A new family was welcomed to share a wing in our manor. As luck would have it, the wife was exquisite and charming. When she looked at me, she really truly looked at me. We loved each other quickly and passionately. She showed me what it was to truly care for another person, and to put their needs at a higher setting than your own. Our husbands seemed to have an affair of their own sort too. At least that’s what we chose to believe, they spent as much hidden time together as we did. 

It was a life I never regretted living, full of love and hope and delicious secrets. For some reason I didn’t mind hiding away, in this lifetime it allowed me to discover different chambers of my heart. A chamber for the kinship with my husband, a chamber for my son, and a chamber for the greatest love of all, the one that beat in the core for her.”

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