Different ways to ground

what does it mean to ground?

To be grounded is to have your energy anchored into the Earth. Your energy field expands around your physical body, this field is as much a part of your body as your knee is. It reaches into every direction – including below the feet. There is even a chakra under your feet known as the Earth Star. 

When our energy is properly corded or connected to the Earth, we are grounded.

In this state we feel balanced, calm, collected & stable. Being ungrounded therefore is the opposite – you are dissociative, unable to focus, possibly nervous or tense, or carrying a sense of not being fully “here”. 

The common advice to promote grounding is to do outdoor activities like hiking or climbing, or being barefoot outside and walking in the grass. These are great for a number of reasons – but what all of these actions are doing is helping your energy connect and work with the energies of the Earth. 

The Earth radiates a frequency of 7.83 hz. When we are properly grounded, we are allowing this frequency, along with other subtle healing energies from the Earth into our body to help provide it proper nourishment. We also release a significant amount of stagnant/old energy through our feet and into the Earth. 

Our bodies evolved over the eons with the Earth frequency right underneath us, it has developed the ability to incorporate this frequency into our wellbeing. 

When my energetic sight started to grow (which is essentially advanced aura sight) I would see rivers of energy running up and down the legs, pooling at the feet and then disappearing into the floor. I noticed the left leg carried a bit more energy in, while the right brought a bit more out. The colors that were brought up from the Earth were sent all around the body – the chakras, organs, the mind in order to help provide it some sort of necessity. The energy that flowed out was similar to shedding skin, it contained stagnant wavelengths, memories ready to be flushed from the inner systems.


Different Grounding techniques

Different days call for different techniques, it’s all about what feels right in that moment. This is why I like to have several techniques at my disposal, from quick practices to long, methodical forms.

1. the grounding cord

Close your eyes and place your hands on your root chakra, at the very bottom of your belly / right about your pubic region. 

Take a few deep breaths. Breathe IN to the root, filling it up. Breathe out with the intention for release. Do this several times. 

Now visualize a ball of energy, give it a color that feels right in that moment. (If visualizing is not your think – no worries! try vocalizing in your mind or out loud, guide the energies with your words)

As you breathe into this ball, allow it to expand. Expanding on the breathe in, letting it shrink a little on the exhale. 

After doing this for 30 seconds or so, now think about hooking this ball to a very long rope. Drop the ball on the exhale, each exhale push the ball lower and lower into the ground with the intention it’s heading all the way to the center of the Earth.

2. feet on the floor

With your feet firmly planted on the ground, take a deep breathe and send it out the bottom of your feet, 

Pull the energy of your breath down towards the feet, exhale and push the energy out the bottom of the feet. 

(If you’ve done a root forming exercise with me, breathe down the roots)

3. anchoring phrase 

for the scatter brained

There is a concept called leaving the body, where a large part of your astral body is outside of the physical body. Sometimes they’re hovering by the ceiling, sometimes it’s like they’re half in half out. 

My energy healing teacher used to tell me every time I saw her that I needed to call my energy home. The first time she said this, I had literally no idea how to do so at first, but the desire to try gave an inspiration for a technique. I focused on my core and had a sense of tightening it, almost like flexing a muscle. Simultaneously I sent out an intention for me to come back into my body, and when I did this combo my teacher said “great!!” (which was a huge confirmation because I was doing this while silent) and I felt this sensation of settling in come over me. 

If you just cannot think straight or are spinning then its necessary to use what is called an anchoring phrase. You use a repeating phrase to help anchor in the energy.

You start by saying “I am connected to the top of my head. Then proceed to say “I am connected to” while journeying down the body. 

“I am connected to my forehead. I am connected to my brain. I am connected to my neck. I am connected to my collarbone.” Etc, etc 

This is grabbing the energy and tethering it back to your physical body. Lead it all the way down to the bottom of the feet. 

Then find the path to the Earth. 

“I am sitting on this chair which rests on the floor, which is built upon this Earth. I am connected to the Earth.”

Repeat “I am connected to the Earth” 3 times. 

This is also great for people who are lucid dreamers or are new to astral projection or having visions. 

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