Ascension Symptoms

Ascension symptoms occur when a person goes through a rapid healing process that raises their base vibrational substantially.

The body essentially starts to “burn off” whatever was keeping the person in the lower vibrational state. 

Ascension symptoms can be triggered after a profound meditative event, an energy healing session, a Reiki attunement, or in a moment where they break a limiting pattern and choose better for themselves.

As the body starts to raise it’s vibration, it begins rapidly detoxing the heavier/toxic/negating energy from the system. 

Symptoms can include (but are not limited to) :

Headaches or migraines. Nausea / vomiting. Aches or elevated pain for a few days. Needing more naps or rest. A sudden regurgitation of long forgotten memories or emotions. General sensation of feeling off/uneasy/unwell.

I’ve noticed symptoms match what a person is struggling with or needing release from. If they struggle with headaches they will likely have one really gnarly one as the energy burns off, and then experience very few headaches after the fact.

It may not be fun, but it is an AMAZING process for the body to go through. Once the energy detoxes it is gone, for good.

When the symptoms fade the person is likely to have a deeper sense of peace, an expanded awareness, easier time meditating + utilizing their spiritual gifts. Life becomes easier and more manageable.

managing ascension symptoms

The best thing to do is to honor your body while experiencing ascension symptoms. Ask what it needs to help support this process and listen to the answer. Drink extra water and remember to THANK YOUR BODY for detoxing. 

When you embrace these symptoms (even begrudgingly) it allows the shifts to pass through more quickly. 

If memories / emotions start bubbling to the surface, simply observe them and acknowledge the sensation. Let the wave pass over you, and as it does the memory or emotion will fully leave the body, and will not bother you again.

how long can ascension symptoms last?

Ultimately it depends on the case. Depending on how much is shifting out and how fast the body is able to process it all. It can take anywhere from a couple of days to 21 days. 

preventing ascension symptoms

Sometimes it’s necessary to go through ascension symptoms and is the fastest way to feel better. 

In order to prevent unnecessary ascension symptoms it’s really important to listen to your body and not pile on too much healing at once. 

The one time I had accidentally triggered ascension symptoms was because I didn’t know any better. I had a Reiki session, a chiropractor session, and a trauma unwind within 24 hours of one another. The trauma unwind was the last on my list and I felt like maybe it should wait but I didn’t listen to that instinct. I detoxed so much that it started coming through my skin. I had these big ugly oozing rashes for a few days, which I’ve never had before or since. I felt amazing after it all cleared though! 

The other time I experienced ascension symptoms was after my Reiki attunements. I slept SO much, I could not stop napping & craved a ton of protein. I was fortunately in a position where I could nap as much as I needed to. Previous to this I struggled to eat properly after an illness and was not resting enough, so these ascension symptoms matched what my body needed.

your body will only take on
what it is ready to heal

This is such an important lesson!!! If you are experiencing ascension symptoms it is because you are READY TO. 

The body only accepts what it is ready for – this is true for spiritual gift development and healing. 

Trust your body and trust the process. And congratulate yourself, you’re raising your vibration!!

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