after session care

So, you’ve just finished your energy healing session and now you’re going through the integration process! Let’s talk about how to best support your body in the hours and days post an energy healing session.

What to do immediately after:

Drink a glass of water! 

If you’ve had a session with me there is a 98% chance I told you (more than once) to drink a glass of water as soon as you can. 

Why is this? 

In our sessions we trigger a very real flush, and that needs a safe exit out of the body. You are eliminating toxins, energy blockages, previously trapped emotions, and stagnant energy – which are very real and something your body needs to get out. 

The easiest way is to pee it out! Simple as that. 

If you don’t the energy is going to have to find the next best path out of the body – which may push you into ascension symptoms.

Stretch, Walk Around

Tension in the body makes it much harder for chi to flow. Where we are tense often actually indicates where we are storing something that needs to be released. 

Post healing it’s a good idea to stretch and allow your body to flow a bit, this will help your body adapt to the new vibrations much easier.

Walking also helps the session integrate quicker and on a deeper level. It doesn’t need to be much, even a few laps around the house can do the trick.

In the days after

Listen to Your Body

Your body may ask for certain things to help it shift vibrations. It’s best to listen and accommodate to the best of your ability.*

Examples can include: Needing to sleep a bit more or take a nap, craving extra protein or fruits, craving a swim or long soak in the bathtub.

*If your body is asking for something that is unhealthy for you or your life, it is essential to look inside the request. Ask your body why it’s asking for the unhealthy thing and allow it to answer honestly and without judgement.

To give you an idea of what I mean, here are some examples:

Craving a food that you know makes you sick – Asking your body what it’s looking for – “Comfort” – Asking yourself what is a healthier way for you to find comfort – Get a sense to snuggle with a teddy while watching your favorite movie

A drug you quit – Why is my body asking for this? – “Wanting to escape” – Asking your body: what is the better way to give you a break? – “Going on a walk with headphones blaring some really loud music from my 2007’s My Chemical Romance phase”

Don’t be afraid to talk to your body, and do your best not to judge what you hear. Also know that the body answers often but not always, so don’t be frustrated if nothing comes through right away, trust that the answer will come in time.

Memories & Emotional Releases

In my sessions I put a lot of emphasis on releasing trapped memories and emotions from the body. Sometimes I’m able to pull it out right then and there, but a lot of times we get the body to cycle it out on it’s own, we just get it unstuck. 

So when we process emotions and memories we often feel them as they release. We either see the memory as it releases, or we get the wave of emotion associated.

This is not guaranteed either! I don’t want to scare you – the body will ALWAYS release in the way that is best for it. Sometimes it will release without you consciously noticing. 

A few months ago I had an energy healing, days later a bunch of semi-unpleasant memories began bubbling up about my siblings. I observed them without attachment, noted the way they made me feel, and thanked them for leaving. An hour later I couldn’t recall a single memory, not one detail. Most of the time when I have these releases I do retain the memories but no longer feel the impact of them, but in this case they were just gone.

So if you have a wave of unpleasant emotions or a surge of long forgotten memories from 20 years ago run through your brain – do not worry, just ride the wave.

Don’t attach yourself, observe and thank them for releasing. You will feel lighter soon after.


How long does shifting occur?

It genuinely depends on the person and the situation, some people shift for only a few days, some for a few weeks! There are others who only shift energy while they’re sleeping and the rare few who take it all in the day of the healing. 

Your body will take on the healing in the way that best serves it. 

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