the spiritual gifts associated with different aura colors

Every single person has the capacity to develop their dormant spiritual gifts, and there is quite literally millions of ways it can manifest in a person. We ALL experience energy in our own way, we can and will have overlapping features and traits, but at the core of it our gifts are going to be completely unique to us.

That being said we have learned to categorize a lot of gifts into umbrella terms AND we’ve been able to decode what aura colors mean. I have noticed that certain aura colors are likely to develop certain gift types first and have a stronger connection to them. 

It’s good to know that spiritual gifts are not like comic book super powers were you get ONE and that’s it. You’ll likely have a few that are very strong and others that are weaker, and which is strongest or weakest is highly likely to fluctuate over time. 

In this post we cover Light Blue, Deep Blue, Green, Violet & Purple, & Red. This list will expand as my knowledge does!

Light Blue

These are the feelers of energy, most linked to clairsentience. 

They are empathic and will feel the emotions of other people – there are MANY different types of empaths so there are many ways this can show up in a person. 

They feel energy and the capabilities with this are HUGE. I did not think my ability to feel energy would be as detailed and elaborate as it’s become. It’s an essential part of my energy healing work. 

An example of feeling energy is…think of standing next to a person and you can smell the perfume emanating off of them. Now imagine that instead of your sense of smell being triggered, imagine you walk into the feeling of loneliness and can feel it like a bubble around a person. That loneliness will have layers that may read as mom is sick, hopelessness, alone for along time, it’s a sensation that can be interpreted.

Deep Blue

This aura type is most likely to develop claircognizance first, the inner state of knowing.

The deep blue aura is likely to have profound senses of knowing. They often get automatic downloads of information that help them fix a problem or create something new. They won’t know how they know, but when they know they know.

Their gut is usually very strong and should be acknowledged and listened to when it speaks up. The deep blue aura will make their life significantly easier if they learn how to listen and talk to their gut.


The green auras are natural manifestors. They have a magnetic energy field and can draw in nearly anything towards themselves.

The only cap to their  reality is the cap they put on it themselves – so dare to dream big.

Greens should ensure they do not brood to often on the worst case scenario, and if they catch themselves doing so state “I do not attach myself to this reality” and try to switch to a more high vibrational thought process.

Violet / Purple

Anyone on the purple spectrum are seers. They are able to see and perceive the energy. This may be only in their mind’s eye, or in the 3D physical world. 

For me I sometimes see auras physically, usually a glint of color or mist hanging around a person. I always see auras in my mind’s eye, and it’s much more complex and detailed than what my physical eyes are able to pick up.

This can also be having visions, see beings or spirits on the other side, and having prophetic dreams. 

You can also tell how developed or open a person’s gifts are based on the tone or hue of the color purple. A heavier purple that is a bit darker and feels thick indicates dormant abilities. Brighter and lighter feeling purples or violets show the abilities are awake and active. 

For me I don’t have visions of the future, I actually have visions of the past – either past lifetimes or the origins of certain blockages and traumas. I get senses of the future, I had a sense my fiance was going to bring me a candle home one day and he did. I had a sense a weekend plan was going to get cancelled due to an unforeseen event and it did. 



Red’s are the powerhouse, hands down. They are the most likely to to physically see energy in the outer world. For me when I see it it’s vague, but not for the red auras, its detailed and undeniable.

The red auras can really develop any of the spiritual gifts, they just need to sit down long and practice enough to do so, and this is where they tend to struggle. 

Reds are also the most likely to have physical reactions to energy. They can have a moment of profound healing or realization and then gift sick immediately after, their body purging the heavy or toxic energy that they just elevated themselves from. It’s essentially ascension symptoms, but a very intense fast-paced form of them.

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