I always get signs from my spirit guides when I’m having a bad day

We all have hard days, it’s part of the human experience. What can make a bad day worse is when you feel completely and utterly alone with it. 

Previous to my spiritual awakening, my sad, lonely days felt like a never ending cycle. It would feel like a weight was dragging me to the bottom of the ocean, left to be crushed by the pressure all around me. 

Cue spiritual awakening and years of development, my hard days go a bit differently now. 

Every time I feel really low, or the challenges in life feel like they’re stacking up & up & up – I start seeing the signs. 

Either angel numbers, like 1111, which for me means my path is aligned. Or 924, which is my birthday, and interpret it as I was born for this moment (meaning that I have the capacity to handle it). 

Or I’ll see a white feather. For me a white feather is one of my most powerful signs from my guides. I will find feathers in the most random, nonsensical places, and it is ALWAYS in a moment when I really needed that comfort.

Whatever the sign, I take it as a little hug from my guides. They’re reassuring me that everything will turn out okay, that this is guided and part of the plan, that I haven’t strayed from my path. That they’re there, helping in their own way.

how to recognize signs from your spirit guides

Look for the moment that gives you a little uplift inside. A little hint of magic. Observe that sensation within, and thank it & thank your guides.

Shining a moment of gratitude into these moments causes the energy to amplify. It makes those moments occur more often and trains your body to register them. Even if you don’t necessarily understand the sign, thank it and ask for clarity to come in time.

If you brush off these moments or chalk it up to imagination, then there is no amplification process and you stay disconnected. 

Also from your guides perspective – why put in the effort of creating signs if the person refuses to acknowledge them?

Expect that you won’t expect the signs when they come. Just like with a ghost or fairy sighting, it always comes in a moment where you least anticipate it. 


decoding the signs

I don’t like putting too much emphasis on figuring out what every sign means. Over-focusing on this can cause me to loose sight of what’s really important. I trust that if I’m really meant to know, I will know, I will find out, or I will have this deep-seeded sense that I need to go decode this sign via google or with some psychic friends. 

The biggest thing is to pay attention to is what you were thinking about and feeling in the moments leading up to the sign sighting. It often is a response to that. 

You can also ask yourself what to do with this message. Take a moment and a breath and ask, should I learn more or let it be? Trust the answer that bubbles up.

But remember to have fun with it, guides are here to help our life, not cause more stress with it.

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