what’s a spiritual awakening without a dose of questioning your sanity, anyways?

Honestly, if you don’t question your sanity at SOME POINT during your spiritual awakening, are you even doing it right?

When I was going through my awakening, I had a tidal wave of spiritual gifts hit me one after the other. Seeing aura colors, feelings presences around me, experiencing astral projection, talking to dead people, you name it. 

The entire time I was terrified. It felt so right, there was this profound sense deep within me that I was on the right track, but every step of the way I couldn’t help but ask – am I just crazy? 

When I first started sharing my stories anonymously on Reddit I was half expecting people to tell me to check myself into the ward, and at that point I probably would have if prompted. But instead I had so many moments of confirmation. People either had similar experiences on the other side of the globe or could relate. 

It is normal – and I will say – a good thing to pause for a moment and check yourself. And let me tell you why. 

Our society (at least over here in the western hemisphere) has completely rejected it’s spiritual senses. We have been raised to believe that these aspects of ourselves are impossible. Hollywood tells us that only the special chosen one gets gifts, not to mention totally blows out of proportion what the gifts would even look like. 

When you start breaking from the social standard you were raised in, it is completely normal & natural to question yourself along the way. It’s actually a really healthy sign, showing self awareness and reflection.

I’ve noticed that people who are truly disconnected from reality and do need professional help usually don’t stop to wonder if they’re okay or not. Just like a narcissist is never going to stop and ask, “wait, am I the problem??

In my past life readings I have been lucky to glimpse into ancient societies who were deeply spiritual, they all used their gifts and there was no questioning if it was sane or not. It was taught to them as natural, and so natural it was. 

One of my FAVORITE things about sharing past life stories on Reddit is the comfort it brings others. I would detail out these long forgotten societies, interdimensional spaces that were hard to wrap my brain around, or life on other planets – each time a little worried how it would be received. More often than not, someone would answer that they experienced the same place or thing.

 Every time I’ve been afraid to share something, and shared it anyways, I’ve always received confirmation instead of flack. My favorite example recently was on this Reddit post about an alien past lifetime in an underwater world. User YourOctopusPet commented “You just described my two and only PL regressions I’ve ever had! Every detail.” 

This world – this universe – is so much bigger than we can imagine. Who are we to put limits on what is capable and not capable out there?

So if you’re out there going through your own awakening, and afraid that your sanity has gone out the window – I’m here to assure you it hasn’t. Remember to ground yourself, protect your energy, and have good intentions – but have fun. Discovering the world is bigger than the box we’ve placed it in is exciting!! You’re in the era of the great re-awakening, embrace it!


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