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welcome to
sprouting on up

A trance healing group.

About the healing group

deep healing at affordable prices

No Refunds

healing for everyone

2 package options

all the love package

$ 60 Monthly
  • 7-8 trance healings
  • 1 live coaching
  • receive healing recaps
  • how to, tips & tricks every month!

lil bitta love package

$ 35 monthly
  • 4 healings a month
  • 1 live coaching
  • receive healing recaps

What's Included

new healing topic every month

Every month we find a new healing subject to cover, October is all about healing & learning about the minor chakras!

reclaim your energy

Receive deep and powerful healings that will aid you in feeling more confident & ready to take on the road ahead

learn about your energy body

Each healing teaches you more about the wonderful energetic field you operate withihn

discounts on personal sessions

Receive discounts on 1:1 sessions, including Past Life Readings, Energy Healing & Readings & the Quick Rinse


I am not promising a perfect life or perfect health. Life at it’s natural base is challenging – but we can get better at accepting and overcoming these challenges. I am not a doctor or a therapist. These healings should be used WITH other healings methods – never as a substitute.

We are all on a unique healing path. Please don’t compare your experiences to others, everyone will take the healing in the way that aligns with their unique path. Trust that it is serving in its highest good form for you.


The trance state provides a powerful way to connect to several energies at once 

Nope! Signing up is enough. All you have to do is be open and ready to shift.

Everyone feel’s the healing a bit differently, your body will integrate at the pace that is best for it! 

Anywhere from 1-3 weeks, but every body is different. Your body will absorb the healing as it is ready to receive it.

reach out

questions before signing up?

Contact Alia to learn more about the group, or check out the podia site to get even more info!

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