past life reading

A channeled reading recounting the memories & lessons from former lifetimes. 

Available in a live session via Zoom, or in a non-live audio recording. These are intensive and info-heavy, a recording is sent to you afterwards so that you may relive and discover even more lessons.


What to expect in your session



We ask you Higher Self to bring forward the essential past lifetimes for you right now, and we see what happens, usually 1-3 lifetimes


getting started

We begin by opening up the flow of energy and calling in your Higher Self, guides & ancestors. We do an initial energy check in with a small healing to make sure your energy is ready to go back.



Now we answer curiosities you may have. Have you lived with a specific person before? Why have you been drawn to an era or place? Does a fear stem from another time?

uncovering the story of you

learning from our former selves

Discovering your past lifetimes can help you understand the now and embrace whats ahead. We all walk such incredibly unique path times – no two readings are ever the same. 


your personal storybook

the written reading

Receive a 12-15 page story of your former incarnations. You will receive a detailed, beautifully written report describing 2-5 lifetimes. The session follows the same pattern as the live reading, except the questions are collected beforehand, and I write as I channel. 

It is my longest and most energy intensive readings, so there are only a few openings available each month.


The FAQ's

Not at all – I see the lifetimes for you and detail them out. Some people like to close their eyes and sink into it, others listen and ask questions, whatever you feel called to do!

Anywhere between 3-5. It varies depending on the detail, lesson your Higher Self would like to convey & the questions you may have.

If a traumatic lifetime does come through it is only to help you heal it and move past it, releasing any influence it may hold over this lifetime. 

Yes, aliens. 

If you’ve ever felt like Earth isn’t your true home, we can discover why together. 

What past clients have said