the pet sesh

15-20 minutes of healing & reading

Written Reading Format sent via email * not a live session *

Questions are encouraged and please let me know if there is anything specific that should be targeted!

What is needed from you: the animal’s name, a photo & what country they reside in, questions you may have


get to know your pet on a deeper level

what this session is for

Get a glimpse into the mind of your beloved companion in this healing – reading duo. Every animal is unique and has their own story to tell, sometimes it’s their life before you, sometimes it’s a past lifetime. They will express their likes and dislikes and answer questions you may have for them.

This session can also be used to connect with certain health issues* We take a look under the surface and see what their energy has to say while providing deep energetic healing.

*Sessions should NEVER be used in place of a vet visit, as with all energy healing it works best as a companion to the medical field.*

please read before booking:

Animals are unpredictable when it comes to receiving energy healing. 

Certain pets take it on really well and have experienced significant improvement. Others have absolutely no interest in being healed, but will tell their story and answer questions. Very, very few will reject the entire process. 

If the animal completely rejects the whole thing, the session will be refunded. 


The FAQ's

Yes! Pet’s are often eager to connect and share information after death. It must be at least 2 weeks after they have departed.

What’s necessary: A photo, the name, and the approximate time they crossed the rainbow bridge. Also whatever questions you may have for them

So far there’s been no issues connecting with different species. I’ve worked with cats, dogs, rabbits, farm animals & exotic animals. 

I will say certain species are limited in their capabilities to understand & allow healing in, but most take it on really well!

Sometimes! It depends on what healing they need or what story they’d like to share.

what past clients have said

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