New 2022 Prices

Hi friends! 

I am adjusting my prices on the new year. My past life readings will now be $123 for a session, which will be an hour to an hour fifteen minutes long. 

It’s a big increase from $75, but I’ve found that all of my energy and much of my time has gone into giving these readings. 

I haven’t had any fuel left over to create courses in energy healing and spiritual gift development, or to create content and share some of the stories I’d love to share, or have time to keep up my own spiritual practice. 

In 2022 I plan to launch a full energy healing course, a coaching program, and releasing weekly content to share my experiences by far. By increasing my prices, I intend for it to rebalance my energy so I have more to give in other avenues. 

If you cannot afford these prices, you still deserve insight and healing. I take a few clients a month on a sliding scale factor, we can find a price that works best for you.

Aura readings will be halted for now and for the foreseeable future, but you may contact me if you’d like to be on a waiting list for when they reopen.

The new prices are listed below.

With light,


New Price List

Past Life Reading: Audio, Written, Live ~ $123, 60-75 minutes

Returning Client Readings: $75 1 hour, $44 for 30 minutes

Energy Healing: 

The Energy Scrub~ $125, at least 60 minutes but typically longer

Auras and Healing~ $222 

Trance Healing~ $33

New Reading Announcement~ General Inquiry

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