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Psychic work and energy healing is often misunderstood, I’m here to break the misconceptions, bringing awareness and understanding to the wonderful capabilities it brings.

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In Reiki training we learn how to work through time and space – there is a legitimate method and a tangible cue when I connect to someone. These techniques taught me that space and time work beyond the parameters we’ve set on them.

Yes, absolutley! Studies have shown no difference in potency or effectiveness when it comes to distant healings. 

Many, many people do – in both distant & in person. Know your body will take the healing on in the way that’s best for it. I like to say be open to everything but release expectation on what it “should” be like.

It can be helpful to have an intention for the session, but it is not necessary.

We take a loot at your subtle energy body and see what’s calling out for help. We help stored trauma, memories & blockages out of the body and restore the energy to a harmonized state.

Everybody is different and everyone’s needs are different. Listen to your body, it will let you know when it’s time for another session.

I do offer Reiki classes but I am currently not mentoring.

The distance takes on a more conversation route, where we talk through the energy as it comes up. In person we put you on the massage table where you’re free to chat a long or sink into a meditative state.

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