Sprouting On Up

A Trance Healing Community

Each month we will cover an area of focus that will provide deep and profound energetic healing.

The healings are conducted while Alia is in a trance state. This allows her to go deeply into the energy, connect to everyone at once and heal several areas very quickly. 

This also means you will not need to be anywhere or do anything to receive these healings

Alia works with the Higher Selves, Spirit Guides & Ancestors in every session. Together they will dive deep into the energetic body and healing topics to bring potent healing.

All the Love Package:

7-8 Trance Healing Sessions a Month, a breakdown/recap of what happened in each healing

1 Live Zoom Coaching Call with the Group, towards the end of the month

Facebook Group Access

Discount on personal healings


Lil Bitta Love Package:

3-4 Trance Healing Sessions a Month

1 Live Coaching Call with the Group, towards the end of the month

Facebook Group Access

Discount on personal healings/readings


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Before Signing Up Please Read:

These healings are powerful and effective. The body will integrate the healings in it’s own perfect time. Meaning that you may feel it right away, or slowly feel the effects over time. 

These healings will also trigger what we call Releases. 

Releases are when trapped energy- such as blockages, toxic or stagnant energy, memories, emotional trauma are purged from the body. This may temporarily cause a heightening of physical symptoms, reliving memories, periods of heaviness or not-fun emotions. This is all natural and part of the process. It will end and you WILL feel better afterwards. 

Signing up for these healings is consenting to the healing process and whatever form it takes. 

Know that your body will take on ONLY what it is capable of handling & what it is capable of integrating into it’s current life. 


I am not promising a perfect life or perfect health. Life at it’s natural base is challenging – but we can get better at accepting and overcoming these challenges. I am not a doctor or a therapist. These healings should be used WITH other healings methods – never as a substitute.

We are all on a unique healing path. Please don’t compare your experiences to others, everyone will take the healing in the way that aligns with their unique path. Trust that it is serving in it’s perfect and highest good form to you.


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June's Healing Topic

Self Love!

This month is all about reconnecting you to YOU. 

We will work on healing what has driven you from your authentic self, healing the body and nervous system, and promoting a sense of inner peace and connection to who you truly are.

Healing Schedule for June:

Healing the Timeline – when in your life did you become disconnected from who you are?

Body Healing – where in your nervous system & energetic structures have you shut down your connection to you?

Body Love – loving our bodies exactly as they are now, will also dip into loving our entire selves (mental/emotional states)

False Beliefs – releasing beliefs we have engrained that hold you back from your true self

Confidence & Authenticity – who are you authentically? How do you like to express yourself? Are you confident? How do you act and behave in this world – is it the true you?

Higher Self Connection – strengthening the cord to your Higher Self

Live Coaching – group meditation & practice to deepen these healings + Q & A


The Lil Bitta Love package will include:

Healing the Timeline, Body Healing, Body Love, Confidence & Authenticity,  & Live Coaching


DISCOUNTS – active Podia subscribers will receive a discount on personal sessions

Energy Scrub – $88 instead of $123

Past Life Reading & Healing – $88 instead of $123

General Reading/Healing – $88 instead of $123

Quick Rinse personal trance healing session – $22 instead of $44

it does not include Auras & Healing, Coaching, or the Pet Sesh

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