Spring Renewal Group Healing

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to the Spring Renewal Group Healing page.

Spring is my absolute favorite season. As the world begins blooming again, so do we!  

The Spring Equinox is on March 20th, so the healing will be done then very early in the morning!

This trance healing will focus on releasing internal blockages from the energetic system that prevent us from moving forward. 

Our bodies are addicted to familiarity. We know how to survive with what’s familiar. So we may have all the right intentions on what we need to do to grow, to move on, but still feel like we’re floundering or stuck in place. We’ll feel like we take a step forward and three steps back, or we’ll notice we start sabotaging our selves and we don’t know why! 

It’s the bodies fight to stay familiar. 

Energy blockages are a huge part of this. Moments of trauma, ancestral trauma, emotional imbalances will stick in our system and prevent our energy/chi from moving in an optimal pattern. When we release these blockages it’s like a door opens. Suddenly, moving forward is easy, feasible, & there’s motivation to do so. 

If this is something you feel drawn towards, then you are READY for it!


How the Healing Works

You do not need to be anywhere or doing anything for it to be effective!

I will be in a trance, out-of-body state. In the astral I can do SO much at once. 

I’ll call in your Higher Selves, Spirit Guides & Ancestors into the session space. Together they will show me the collective energy. Blockages that EVERYBODY is ready to release. This will likely be a mix of money wounds, generational trauma, relationship trauma, safety wounds, whatever they see fit. 

Then I will hold space and basically keep the healing door open while the guides and Higher Selves work with your soul energy to deliver personalized healing. All of us working together has an amplifying effect on the work done. As I hold space in both the physical and astral realm, it’s essentially like holding a bridge open between the two to bring deep and potent healing to every single person.

Know that your body will only incorporate what it is ready to handle. 

Every person is different, so some will experience an immediate shift. Others have a slower time integrating energy (it’s all perfect) and will feel the shifts over the next several days/weeks. 

Please Read Before Signing Up

When we release blockages that hold us back, we go through a purging process. 

The blockages must leave our system. They can leave with our breath, our elimination cycle, or may trigger similar sensations that occurred. A lot of times we don’t even notice when they release. But sometimes we do and it may not be fun. 

You may experience pain, not-fun emotions, flashes of memory, as the blockages leaves the system. 

Again, you will only incorporate and release what you are READY to. 

It’s really necessary to embrace these emotions or sensations as they happen. You are safe now, and able to process in a way you couldn’t before. Embracing it and nurturing the self/body (and drinking extra water) will help shift these out quickly. 

Once it leaves your system, it is GONE. You will not have to re-experience the purging process again, the blockages are no longer in your system.

Signing up for this healing means you are consenting to the healing process. 

Also this is all a ‘just in case’ this happens. Everyone experiences healing differently. Sometimes you just feel light afterwards. 

There will be a recap posted on this page & on Instagram after the healing is complete.

You do not need to be anywhere or do anything to receive the healing.

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By signing up you are consenting to the process of healing.

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