My spirit guides response to me going soft on entities

I have an aptitude for removing entities from people. It’s something that I knew to do before any of my energy healing training. It sorta just happened when I was astral projecting. I never had any debilitating fear with it and always knew what needed to be done in the moment.


Then I started dealing with a very toxic entity type. To me they look like dripping beings of tar. These are the scariest because their aim is to infect and take over a soul. It’s a process that can last several lifetimes. The more the soul resists, the slower the process. 


When I was attacking one of these beings for a client, I ripped it open to find a person inside. They were just a kid, they had been through the ringer. I summoned their guides and handed the spirit over. 


After that when removing entities I started having a serious moral dilemma. Do they deserve to die? Am I actually killing them? Am I transferring the energy on? Do I have a right to decide if they die or not? What if I kill something that needs to be helped instead?


I stopped being hands on with entities at that point. I took the spirit guide approach, where you ask the guides or certain warrior spirits to help remove the entity. I figured they would know better than I. This lasted a couple months, and I felt myself grow farther away from the gift.


Then one night my guides decided to teach me a lesson. 


I was trying to fall asleep when I felt the slightest shift in the air around me. 


Behind closed eyes, I saw the face of an old woman, she was drooling and looked almost comical in how excessively horror movie-like she looked. 


She stood only a couple of feet away from my face.


I waved her away, assuming it was an intrusive thought. She came back, this time several inches closer. 


When in doubt, do some protective measures. With half of me genuinely still trying to sleep, I visualized my shield and sent a pulse of protective energy at her. She barely flinched and came closer. 


Again I did a half attempt to remove her. If it was just my imagination, that’s all I would’ve needed, but no. Again she came closer, now only a foot and a half from my face.


Then I started calling for my guides. It was like yelling into an empty room, I could feel me being not heard or ignored. 


I closed my eyes and focused then, feeling myself shift into a more astral perception. 


She was only a foot away now. She kept smiling this specific smile. It’s a tell-tale sign to know you’re dealing with a no bueno entity, where the corners of the mouth stretch upward and upward. 


I yelled again for my guides and saw a light from way above. 


To describe it. It was like I was standing in a gigantic black dome. At the top was a little hole. I could see the face of my spirit guide looking down at me from twenty five feet up. As if he were sitting on top of the domes with his legs kicked up, ready to enjoy a show, while yelling at me words of encouragement. 


The old woman was centimeters away from me, her eyes attempting to bore into my own, the warmth of her washing over my face, I looked at him with a “seriously?” expression.


He waved a sword lazily above his head, reminding me to summon my own. 


I felt the metal hilt materialize in my hand, and did what I needed to do. 


I have no idea at all if this was the equivalent of a training doll, or if my guide kidnapped an entity from somewhere for the sake of a lesson, and I didn’t feel like asking. 


I got their point. I can’t effectively remove entities for people if I’m not willing to be all in with the situation. I needed to trust- my judgement, what the energy is telling me, and the situations my guides have placed me in. 

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