The Daily Life of a Psychic

Hello friends!

I’ve received a lot of requests to share more of my stories and my expertise, but the thing is I’m no expert!

Almost 2 years ago, I answered an internal calling and started my spiritual business. I wanted to offer the energy healing I had been trained to give, but I also hoped it would help me understand my gifts that were rapidly developing. 

Every day I experience something new, and grow a little more. 

So this blog is to share my life with you. It’s wacky and out there, but it’s my life and I’m rather fond of it. 

Below you will find stories, advice, techniques I’ve figured out, and ones I’m still developing.


Oberon the Goat’s Healing

Animal healings have been a fascinating experience. It’s become clear that it doesn’t matter the species of animal, the simplicity

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Meeting Murk

Today I had a really wonderful reading and healing with a returning client, Alex. In our last session we had … Meeting Murk Read More

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My spirit guides response to me going soft on entities

I have an aptitude for removing entities from people. It’s something that I knew to do before any of my … My spirit guides response to me

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A Soul’s Birth

“Before this solar system was a thought, and the solar system that created this solar system was a thought… in … A Soul’s Birth

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How an Ancestor Uses her Offerings

Today I was working with one of my students and I saw a Native American woman approach from the right. … How an Ancestor Uses her Offerings

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New 2022 Prices

Hi friends!  I am adjusting my prices on the new year. My past life readings will now be $123 for … New 2022 Prices Read More

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