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Through the Timeline . . .

Our Auras are consistently shifting and adapting, see how they've grown with the people below...


Cindy's Timeline Aura
8th Grade
Cindy & her Mom, timeline aura
Age 21
Cindy's Timeline Aura
Age 31


Riley's Aura Drawing
Aura After Reiki 1 Attunement
Rylie's Inner Aura
6 Months Later - Inner Aura
Rylie's Aura Glow
6 Months Later - Outer Aura

Comparing an Aura Photograph to an Aura Drawing


The Aura Photograph was taken in January of 2020, the first aura drawing was created in September of 2020.   I had not seen the photo, or knew of its existence, until after the Aura Reading was completed.

Mercedez Aura
September 2020
March 2021

Healers in their element...

Reiki Master After Session Aura Drawing
Linda Joy's After Session Aura
Reiki Hands Aura
Hands of a Reiki Masseuse
Reiki Healers Aura Dna Energy
Diedrick's After Session Aura

Before & After a Healing Session...


Before Energy Healing Session Aura Drawing
2 Weeks Before Session
After Energy Healing Aura Drawing
20 Minutes After Session


Edward's Inner Aura Before Session
10 Minutes Before Session
Edwards After Session Aura
10 Minutes After Session


Before & After an Entity Removal


Laurens Aura Before Entity Removal

Family Aura...

Tori, Taylor, & Baby Clara

Tori at 6 Months Pregnant
Newborn and Mama Aura Drawing
Newborn Clara Peering Into the Beyond
Newborn Aura Drawing
Clara's Little Lion Mane
Celtic Weave Inner Aura Drawing
Taylor When Tori was at 6 Months

Furry Love...

Mystical Love
Tobias Dog Aura
Tobias's Happy Goggles
A Blazing Aura and her Dog
A Dog & Her Person

Self Portrait

2017 with my Great Great Aunt Connie, the first person to tell me about her past lives.
25th Birthday, 9.24.21
2018, in the midst of my spiritual awakening.

Let it Glow

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