Aura Color Cheat Sheet

This is a collection of aura colors and their meanings in a quick jot format. I created this as a reference guide for anyone attempting to learn the personality traits attributed to different aura colors. This information is a combination of my own studies and practices, as well information I have researched. 

We do not just have one aura color to our aura, we have many. Each person has a variety of aura colors hovering just above and below the skin. Most people that I have seen carry a dominant 2 to 3 aura colors, and a small amount of several others. Everyone is different and unique. Our auras constantly shift and adapt to the situations we are in, our mood, and the people we are with as well. 

The below information is meant to give readers a quick reference guide to aura colors and their meaning. 

Remember that the vibrancy, shade, and tone of the color have a lot to do with the meaning. How much of the color is present is up for the person/reader to decipher. For example red, one of the most variable colors. It can be based in orange, or in pink. Orange would be an adventurous thrill seeker side of the red aura spectrum, while a red pink would be on the romantic and tender side of the red aura personality. Another example would be someone with a an even amount of red to blue. They would have the driven and progressive energy of the red aura along with the diligent and calming blue aura who knows how to take a break. 

Remember to always be open. Each aura is unique. Some present themselves in patterns, other’s are strong and huge, others are more quiet and take a while to see. Some have unique traits and colors that only they have. Each glow is unique, be open and ready to always be learning.

I periodically update this sheet as I learn and observe more aura traits.

This Following List Includes in Order by Appearance:

  • Red
  • Ruby
  • Pink
  • Deep Pink
  • Magenta
  • Orange
  • Coral
  • Peach
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Lime Green
  • Green
  • Teal
  • Blue
  • Navy Blue/ Sapphire
  • Light Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Periwinkle
  • Purple
  • Violet
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Indigo
  • White
  • Opal
  • Silver
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Black


Vitality. Strength. Passion. Force. Drive. Ambition. Restless. Pride. Perfectionism. Grounded. Strong Willed.  Fire. May not enjoy being told what to do. Lives in the moment. Desire. Rebellious. Friction. Competitive. High Energy. Adventurous. Thinks fast. Flaring. Materialistic. Adrenaline Junkies. Unafraid. Strong Emotion. To the point. Loving. Tender. Affectionate. Gives relationships their all. You’d think they’d be very independent but they truly don’t enjoy being alone. Likes to be in control.

Read more about the red aura here.


Many of the attributes of red, but with a seductive zest. Luxury. Materialistic. Quality. Sophistication. Red in Style. Values Time Alone but Makes a Presence when Seen. How Do I Look?


Loving. Nurturing. Romantics. Generosity. Giving and Receiving. Gentle. Passion. In Love. Similar frequency to green. Comforting. Sentimental. Yearning. Emotional. Peacemaker. Works to Resolve Issues. Great with Kids and Animals. Youthful. Approachable. Protective. Intuitive. Insightful. Enjoys Regular Sleep Pattern. Enjoys things that remind them of their childhood. Can be Manipulated/Swayed. 

Often glows with new or thriving love. Also new parents will get pink or permanently gain pink in their aura.

When doing photo readings – a person will often have pink in front of their eyes when they’re looking at someone they love!

Read more about the pink aura here.

Deep Pink

Love fun. Love people. Fashion. Joy. Sensual beauty. Passion. Indulgence. So Caring. Brings the Life of the Party with them.

Read more about this aura color here.


Original. Creative. Artistic. Unique. Big-Hearted. Funny. Fun Loving. Independent. Non-Conformist. Helpful. Anti-practical at times. Walks to the beat of the drum they made themselves. Immune to peer pressure. Against the status quo. Strong-willed. Often Misunderstood. Vivacious. Eccentric! Independent. Strong Vibration. Combo of red and blue. Driven but likes to chill.

 Can be an indicator of unawakened abilities- often artistically related.

To read more about the Magenta aura here.


Creativity. Confidence. Adventure. Spontaneous. Motivation. Optimism. Inspiration Emotional Balance. Social. Warm. Not afraid of attention. Likes Excitement. Social. Advice Giver. In the Present. Resourceful. Stubborn. Energetic. Vitality. Feelin good. Original. Fearless. Daredevil. Likes adventure that tests their physicality.

Note that it is more common to have some orange in the aura than to be orange dominant. It is also often seen with yellow sparkles in it – joy within the adventure.

Negatives if out of balance-Danger of Arrogance. Insincere. Overconfidence. Stubborn to the point of nonprogression.

Rarely dominant color, usually a minor color.

More on the Orange aura here.


Playful. Energetic. Mischievous Need for Attention. Social. Desire to be Unconventional.



According to google- Compassionate. Selfless. High survivability.

Heard of but have not yet seen. It is known to be rare.


Globally Minded. Talented. Magnetic. Discipline. Confident. Materialistic (Depending on how it feels) Luxury. Good at making money. Very good with money. Good with investments. Rare and when seen it is usually in small amounts, not dominant.

I find that gold has three different vibrations to it. They look visually very similar, so you must feel what the energy is like to decipher. 

There is the Materialistic gold. It literally feels like fake gold, it has a lot of glimmer and sparkle and feels like a mirage. 

Then there is the Money Maker Gold – an almost honey yellow in shade, and someone who is exceptionally lucrative. Make money with ease, or entirely focused on earning it. Often seen in hands, or head.

Lastly is the Healer’s Gold. A powerful frequency that feels like love and light rolled up into one. Quite rare. Ascended Master frequency. Or people who work with gold and pure love energy.


Happiness. Joy. Optimism. Intellectualism. Patience. Self Control. Friendliness. Playful. Air. Curious. Confidence. Motivators. Attracts people to them, like a moth to a flame. Light and playful. Lighthearted.  Energy. Has Ideas. Creative. Keeps Busy hands. Easy-going. Smart. Handles changes of plans well.

Someone with a dominance of yellow is often confident. Those with small traces are less likely to exhibit as much confidence. 

Pale Yellow ~ More seen in children. Newness. Youthful Joy. New phases.

Another color that when seen in front of the eyes shows that the person is looking at someone/something that makes them happy!

Lime Green

Creative Success. Infinite Possibilities. Highly Intelligent. Hates being told what to do. Self Employed. Enjoys having side projects.



Peace. Healing. Transformation. Creative. Financial Abundance. Balance. Growth. Opportunity. Prosperity. Loving. Loyal. Health conscious. Nature Connectivity. Likes to Work. Self Control. Sympathetic. Animal Lovers. Responsible. Holds their positions in life well. Carries the weight of the world effortlessly. Self assertive. Hope. Ambition. Knows how to mix and match colors. Eye for style. Extroverted. Treat yo’ self. Enjoys the good life, down for a good time. Social.

Murky/Off balance- Feeling like the victim. Immersed in Jealousy. Greedy.

For more on the green aura click here.


Reserved. Intuitive. Different without looking for validation. Cautious. Not Impulsive. Calculative. Calming. No Rush. Appreciates the Different Things. Open Minded. Non-Judgey. Quiet. Understanding.


Read more about the Teal aura here.


Note that blue is often fluid within an aura, people with blue shift between the shades and it’s really common to see dark blue and light blue together.

Calm. Peaceful. Healing. Decisive. Inventive. Water. Fluidity. Empathic. Loyalty. Wisdom. Divinity. Likes to be of Service. Angelic. Sensitive. Intelligent. Optimistic. Highly Intuitive. Open. Empathetic. Great Friend. Balanced. Survivor. Unconditional Love. Nurturing. Advice Giver. Comforting. Musically Inclined. When they speak, they speak well.

Might be Shy. Introverted.


Astral. Angelic. Reserved. Intuitive. Writer. Looking Within. Deep Thinker. Creative. Maker. Inventive. Generous. Strong Focus. Stubborn. Headstrong. Calm. Intuitive. Clairvoyant. Generous. Poised. Stable. Follows through. Dependable. Capable. Like’s to make things. Very handy with their hands. Also read Blue.

More on this aura color here.

Light Blue

Sweet. Joyful. Springy. Peaceful. Playful. Communicative. Positive. Intuitive gifts. Caring. Nurturing. Protective.(thought to be more protective than Pinks according to Can Rely on Feelings. Prefer Calm and Tranquil environments. Sensitive Beings. Serene Disposition. Open to the Spiritual.  Throat Chakra Blue – Chatter Boxes when Comfortable. Shy at First. Introverted. Also read Blue.


Speaker. Healer. Confident in Knowledge. Leader. Intuitive. Dance to their own Tune. Thinks Clearly. Composed. Can Seem Cold. Not Ruled by Emotions. Compassion. Empathy.


Read more about the turquoise aura here.


Truthful. Down to earth. Honest. Companion. Genuine. Sense of knowing. Respectable. Courteous. Against change. Bright glow but doesn’t show off. Often attracts the wrong relationship partner.


More on the periwinkle aura here.


Likes alone time. Reflection. Balance of red and blue – knows when to speak, and when to be quiet. Contemplative. Thinker. Spiritual Enlightenment. Not all are spiritual but most are. Heightened Sense of Awareness. Common to have feelings of loneliness. Helps others selflessly, forgets own needs in the wake of another. Darker purples tend to be very philosophical.

Negative/Off Balance – May signal depression. Loneliness. Feels Cursed.

The vibrancy of the purple indicates the strength of their connection with their spiritual gifts. Remember it is vibrancy, and not hue. A vibrant dark purple is not depressed, it is regal or lunar. A murky faded purple is depression or suppressed spiritual gifts. 

Purple also has the most variations of realms it stems from. Some people have what I call a Lunar Purple. The Lunar Purple is a Moon based person, likely a night owl and one who definitely is a calm and deep sense of wisdom to them. Linked with the strength of the Wolf. There is also a Regal purple, think the embodiment of the High Priestess Tarot card. 


Spiritual Guidance. Love of Beauty. Interconnectivity. Magical. Playful. Creative Imagination. Charming. In your own head. High expectations. Often Late. Independent. Idealistic, often without practicality. Justice. Sensitive, emotions may be hurt but not shown. Seeker of Answers. Empathic. Driving urge to do something important. Craves Connection. Natural Manifestor. Spiritually gifted. Connected to the divine. Thinks a lot. Showing off what they’re proud of. Can get lost in a daydream.


Herbally Inclined. Puts others before themselves. Friendly. Avoids Confrontation. Calming. Open minded. Can be Indecisive. Intuitive. Fascinated with the unknown. Creative. Sensitive. Connected with the Earth. Often Linked with the Fae.


Similar to Lavender. Outward thinking. Lives in the moment. Focus on People. Sociable. Compassionate.


Color of the Seer. Intuitive. Calm. Fearless. Practical. Wise. Truth Seeker. Empathic. Dreams. Gentle. Comfortable. Creative. Soft. Vulnerable. Quiet. Sweet. Quietly addresses problems. Don’t let the world know your problems. Don’t want people to feel sorry for you. Introverted. Needs own space. Prefers being unbothered. Thinker. Likes to know how things work. Unafraid to show how they think or feel. Stand up for what is right.  Inspire integrity and awareness. Matures Quickly.

Is very likely to experience chronic migraines and insomnia.


Purity. Mastery of Self. Cosmic Wisdom. Versatile. Cleansing. Practical Uses to Spiritual Gifts. Make do with what you have. Inquisitive. Naturally Curious. Makes Decisions Quickly. Neat in Appearance. Attracts. Charming. Clean and Organized. Sensible. Evaluating. Observing. Discreet. Poised. Strong Beliefs. Angelic Connection. Divine Healing Abilities. Healing.

On the astral plane there are many, many tones of white all with slightly different meanings.



Mystical. Talents. Cultivating. Divine Healing Energy. Reiki Energy.

Often seen in energy healers during/after a session.


Organised. Financially Set. Cool. Achievement. Wise Beyond Years. Responsible. Convention. Looking Forward not Behind. Intuitive. New Ideas. Astral Traveller. Read once it can mean new things coming in life.

Super rare. I have only seen glimmers of silver, and once a thin dash of it.

Often seen in healers during/after a session.


Does not want Attention. Calm. Sophisticated. Cool. Keeps to Self. Experienced. Down to Earth. Not Excited. Rules with Head. Very Structured. Likes having a consistent routine.


Stable. Mature. Warm. Friendly. Calm. Of the Trees. Healthy. Dependable. Cozy. Strength. Durable. Diverse.

Rare, only saw it once and it was a fleeting color in their aura. Likely within people who have deep roots to the creatures of the forest.

Negative Brown

I like brown, I associate it with the goodness above so that’s my take on it, the internet insists that it’s negative so there’s that. Although it is super rare, I have only ever seen one and it was very brief and was a person with a strong connection to the trees. So to me it felt like bark and all the goodness of a tree. My guess is the negative brown aura is not actually a brown vibration but a muddy one, which is a heavier frequency. 

When you tap into the energy, and see/hear/feel the color, feel what shade it is and how it makes you feel. 

Insecurity. Makes poor decisions. Driven by ill desires, like greed or lust, etc etc. Manipulative. Distracts from their problems. Does Not enjoy things. Rejects spirituality/other opinions. All around not a fun dude.


Struggle with methodical paths of life. Routine. Overthinkers. Worry Warts. Can get in a rut and set up a tent and call it home. 



Black is a diverse color. It is harder to see what the different shades are so it’s really important to feel it because there is an extraordinary difference.

Black can be protective. It can shield from negative beings. It can show complete calmness and mastery of self. Those who have it are often warrior types. Strong in every sense of the word, and often elusive. Like a ninja.

Sometimes black appears and feels like a shadow, because the person is hiding from something/one.

Black that feels very heavy and thick, like tar and feels very negative. If you see this, you will most likely see it on the outside and not on the inside. If you do see it on the inside honestly I don’t know probably run or do an exorcism or something. I associate tar with demonic energy, and in the few times I’ve seen it on a person I can also see a very negative energy with them too. Seeing this means that they seriously, seriously need a cleanse. And you need a cleanse just from seeing it.

A black cloud near them, like standing behind or floating above can also be a negative being of some sort that probably needs to gtfo as well. 

A grayish black in the aura can signal very negative and very low vibrational depression. A person in this state is unlikely to be able to help themselves and need the help of others to bring their vibration up. Darker hues of blue and purple that feel depressive related are more in a phase of it, capable of returning back to their keen senses. One who embodies black such as this is lost, and needs a torch to guide them home.

Many color descriptions came from my own experience and practice, but I learned a lot from:


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