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Past Life Email Reading

For Jonel Anthony Paul (Jap)

Every past life reading is radically different from the next, and this one is no exception. I had an incredible time exploring Atlantis, glimpsing Alien astronauts, and walking within forgotten civilizations in this one of a kind reading. This is an unabridged version, and I’m sharing this to give people an idea what an email reading encompasses from me, and I had so much fun with it I thought you’d enjoy it as well.


Hi Jap! I find it’s easiest to type as I channel, so this will follow the natural progression of the session and as you read it will be how I see it, basically. 


I ask my guides to step forward and help me hold the energy for this session. I ask for my higher self to come and join as well.


Now I am connecting to your energy, from Northern Washington, USA to Tokyo, Japan using Reiki and my own techniques. I first connect to an energy by its color and around you it’s a bit dim so I’m going to brighten up the energy. I see oranges and blues and some gray and a bit of white on the back. 


Opening up a Reiki flow over you I brighten the energy and let your solar plexus open up. I bring in bright light to wash away the gray and red I’m seeing and I see green starting to filter in. I place some sacred geometry underneath you to solidify and strengthen the energy. I ask for this healing to integrate at a time that serves you best, whether that be as you sleep or while reading this.


I ask for your spirit guides who would like to assist with this session to step forward now. I see a man in an ancient Asian warrior garb, I’m not sure where from perhaps China. It’s boxy and layered and there’s a head piece that’s almost square in shape and he’s gripping the hilt of a sword. I see a woman with a silken blue dress, she has black hair and white powdered skin and holding a fan. She’s standing next to what looks to me like a very large bonsai tree. There is a face peering at me from a smoky cloud. There are others but they are dim, choosing to be unseen. 


Now I ask for your higher self to come down and join us. He has on a white tunic and strappy sandals, he looks really happy and excited. 


I place a bubble of protection around you and your energy before preparing to go back. 


There is no disconnect between you and your higher self which is good. I see no blockages from you and your past lives either. I ask for your higher self to show me the path to your door.


Everybodies door looks different, they often pull from past lives. Yours shifts. The first I see is a concrete sidewalk and cars bustling by with a black door standing by itself on the sidewalk. Then it shifts into a desert, where the wind is blowing hard and the sand shifts from under your feet, heading for the mouth of a dome made of sandstone.


Walking to the door, we step through, and into the past.


Oh!! We’re starting in Atlantis, I’ve seen it enough times now to recognize it. You are stoked to be here. You are a boy, late teens. You are standing on a large walkway that floats on top of the water. You squint and the brightness of the day makes your eyes hurt. 


I see the memories that lead you up to here. You came from a small civilization that lived within the cave system of a canyon. You and your tribe lived at the base of it, amidst the trees and rocks. You had the ability to hide here, where a passerby could walk through and not know well over a hundred people were all around within the rock. There’s a need for migration, a threat of flooding after arctic storms passed. It happens once every dozen or so years. You and your people disperse. Many of you take the long walk in the underground cave systems to come to the welcoming arms of Atlantis. You’ve lived in the shadows and been underground so long that standing here exposed in broad sunlight is quite intense for you. 


You look back and see your friend struggling to climb onto the bridge and you pull him up. You stand there beaming and walk down the walkway, you’ve been here a few weeks. You stay in a dome that is under the water, and decide to swim up to the surface level of the city. This city is so very advanced, the citizens have an air of superiority to them, similar in the way humans do now. You explore the surface level of the city and reach a corner of the walkway where the water gets very dark and hard to see through. As you look in, mildly debating on jumping in, a woman’s voice yells at you. She says avoid those waters, the dark is when the viscera abides in (that’s the name I heard not sure what it is) and the waters are unsafe there.


I see a flash of a memory of a terrible storm, a typhoon that is ravaging over the surface city. You and your friend were curious about it and made the ill choice of peeking your head out of the sealers hole. I don’t know how it got to the next part, but I see your friend sliding down the bridge as lightning strikes it and he plunges into the dark part of the water. I don’t think he made it.


The other memory is being under the surface in the series of domes. You’re standing in a rather extravagant one, the walls are see through and you watch incredible creatures swim by and long bits of seaweed float up. 


An older man asks if you’ve made your mind up and you say you have. You have chosen to not return home to the caves. Your friend’s death has affected you and you feel that you do not deserve the retreat home. You sign on to become enlisted as a worker for Atlantis, I think something to do with the guard. I see you spending long hours in a small library. You’re writing down information of the seven worlds, which I think are different nations or realms at the time. 

You marry an Atlantean girl and have a modest home under the surface in your own little pod dome thing. You have two children. You start to remember your home and how much you miss it, how you were too ashamed to return to it. The leader of Atlantis forms a trade route with neighboring kingdoms and he asks for volunteers to map the roads. You volunteer, the pay will be good and support your family while you figure out your heart.


You return to the caves and wander into one of the known entrances. You feel tension in the air, no one is seen but you know they can hear you. You let out the native call, a password of sorts. Slowly people emerge, first a little girl, then a woman, a man and several dozen more. Your eyes fill with tears when you see them. You state your name and hold your right arm across your chest, the fist resting on your shoulder. Your name is whispered through and some people do indeed recognize you. One woman grabs your hands and leads you into the caves. 


There is an old woman sitting with children and a few adults around her, she has a tiny fire in front of her, animal pelts draped over makeshift furniture. She is ancient, she has gray hair and deep wrinkles, one eye looks grayed with blindness while the other eye has sight. Your name is announced. The woman looks up in surprise. “My grandson?” She asks. You go to kneel by her, you present her with a shell and wait for her to speak. She touches your cheek and says how much she missed you. She calls your friend who passed your brother and said he came to her after his passing and spread some wisdom that he is fine and you are the one in trouble. She says she is happy you made your way home to her. You stay there for a week. You continue on your journey until going home, feeling lighter than you ever had. You return to the spot on the bridge where it happened and toss in a totem to represent your friend. You move your family back and forth between the caves and Atlantis for the remainder of your life.


You pass away in Atlantis at an incredibly old age. You see your grandchildren grown, one with a baby of her own. Your wife has many more years left in her, but you feel you’ve done well and are ready to retire your life. I’m not sure how you die, I see you sitting on a bench and looking up at the sun and the brightness grows until it is all you can see and then it fades out. 


Stepping back from this life and asking for others to step forward. I see a memory of you in again an underground cave, this one is very wet. There is a beast in it, I don’t even know how to describe it. It looks like a black blob and a deep sea creature (kinda like an angler fish) morphed into a massive, like wooly mammoth massive, creature. Oh wow that is both cool and terrifying. This thing has definitely never seen the sun. I don’t even think it has eyes. You seem thrilled when you see it, you are aware of this creature and that it lives in these caves. You are helping lead a small family unit through these tunnels, this is one of the obstacles. The excitement fills your throat and you take your torch and sword and clang the metal against the wall. You sprint down one of the forks of the cave and the beast follows you screeching the whole time. The moment it feels like it might overtake you, you jump into a hole in the middle of the path that you knew was exactly there, submerging yourself in water as the beast runs past and down the cave corridor that leads to the ocean. You climb out of the hole thinking, ‘well that was fun’. 


I have SO many questions regarding that life that was so cool to see, but I won’t get distracted I’ll move on. But wow, that thing was ugly.


You have a lot more lives than the average cookie. I see about 600, but those are all over the place. Some don’t even look like this planet, and some feel like a timeline that hasn’t happened here yet. I see a man in a spacesuit, not like ours, not the bulky white ones, this one is a thin dark material with a bubble over the head. Oh wow when I focus in on it there’s one on a meteor and it is cold, you’re with a crew of 4 people in total. There’s no way they’re from Earth; their spaceship is small, like the size of an SUV. They also have an indigo hue to their eyes so that is definitely not human. They’re collecting something, taking samples. There’s this excitement about exploration to you. 


I also see you as a man with really long hair under the water, you aren’t breathing but you can hold your breath for an incredibly long time. You’re combing through a wreckage for any useful tools. Your body in this one is super muscular and strong and I think you’re having fun tearing about the wreck from under the water and lugging what you find back to the surface.


Let’s see you had asked about past lives that were spiritual in nature that you could learn from now so let me look…


I see something very dark and very long ago. You were so excited and that excitement was betrayed. This was so long ago, before the worlds had changed. There was still magic here on Earth, but not much of it was left. Those who knew of it’s once existence were trying to replicate it by any means necessary. You were in a small city, 3,000 years ago, northern Great Britain. There are two lives here bleeding in together, one is a woman and the other a man. The woman had lived first. She worked at a small shop that her husband owned, she didn’t love her husband or I guess you didn’t because her father married her off at a really young age so this life was all she knew. I see her cleaning the windows with a wet rag and hearing boys pass by talking about a mystics teacher and what incredible things he could do. It inspired your spirit to come back again and seek his teachings. You came back as a man, and the timelines here overlap. There’s even a memory of your two past lives looking each other in the eye once, woaaah I’ve never seen that before! You were both bewildered by the feeling it invoked but kept moving and didn’t see each other again. 


As the male in this life, you had more freedom. You hung by the fountain where the boys would hang out from the mystics school and complain and gossip. You heard them talking about the master being unsatisfied with the new recruits and that he was going to be looking for more. 


The next scene is you in a dark chamber, so I guess you found your way in. This does not have a good feel to it. I see the chamber is circular with a few torches lighting it, but it is intentionally kept dark. There are men with hoods standing along the side and the master in the middle. He asks you to drink a substance from the goblet. The substance is black and thick. You are nervous but don’t know yet to not trust this guy. You drink it and immediately start gasping for breath and this pain seers through you. Wow you guys aren’t students your guinea pigs and this guy is straight up evil. Your vision blurs as you clutch your throat and feel the thick substance latching onto your insides. You wake up in a nursing bedchamber (infirmary) and you can’t move your neck, you can move your legs and feet but not your neck and it’s hard to breathe. You look at your hands and they’re swollen purple with dark veins over them. The dark veins cover almost your entire body, branching from the throat. It is a slow and painful death, you were kept alive for three months. You died when you dragged yourself out of bed to confront the headmaster and he ran a sword through you. 


There are remnants of this event in your energy, which is why I think it came up, so I relieve your energy of all the residue from this black sludge and allow the gaps to be filled with your pure essence and nothing else. Untethering you from that timeline and cutting the cord between you and that twisted man so that he has no opportunity to rise again in any of your lives.


Another life emerges. 


You are older, late 40s, and you sit by a fire within the mountains. Your hair is dreaded but not very neat. You aren’t wearing a shirt and you have pants made out of an animal’s hide. This spot you would meditate at. You would burn herbs in the fire and inhale their smoke and go into trances and vision quests, where you would leave your body and continue work in the spirit realm. Most of your people have died out but there are several dozen who remain. There is no sadness. They choose to merge into the veil and live on the other side, where they could live in the glory of their land without being subjected to the passage of time. You do not feel this destiny is right for you, so you have stayed along with the others. It is not meant for you to stay in one place for too long, you must continue and grow. These people who submerged into the veil will too, but it will take much, much longer for them to do so. You do a mixture of visiting them, working on the other planes, and delving into the self and the purpose. This echo of you reaching out a hand to you now and saying his wisdom and guidance isn’t lost, it’s within you, you must learn to see it, hear it, and feel it for yourself. 


I saw a girl with him by the fire, his daughter, he was showing her the tunnel to the family for when she wanted to visit, she was 7 or 8. She decided to stay there and that broke your heart. 


When she was 16 she came back. You were collecting firewood and getting ready for a brisk evening when you saw her limping a bit as she walked toward you, coming back through the veil into the physical put a temporary injury on her body. You dropped everything you were holding and hugged her, recognizing her immediately. She said the tribes were in danger and that she needed to warn you. You thought she meant those on the other side of the veil, she said no they live in la la land. She said a threat was coming from the west and would be here soon, the only chance of survival was evacuation. 


There are 36 of you left. The two of you go around to them, they are dispersed through the mountains, and tell them. Most go with you, a few stay behind welcoming the end. You settled at the base of a cliff by the sea, and had a small dwelling until the end of your days.


Your lives are very explorative. There’s a challenge and thrill to life you seek over and over all over the globe and throughout many dimensions.


Some last minute notings:

I see Africa as your earliest lives on Earth, and one in South America in the early days too. You have existed at the very end of the true magical earth days and have spent a lot of time in the past 8,000-5,000-3,000 years traversing through the in between. You have an independent spirit but also one that truly loves good people and good company. I see so many flashes of lives, an ancient Nordic man, a person in the Arabian desert tracking foxes in the sand (a true challenge you think), a Sahara desert life, a tribal dancer in Hawaii, Polynesia, and Africa. There are many more, obviously with that many lives, but this is all that chooses to come forward as of now.


Thank you so much for entrusting me with this journey. This was such a fun reading for me, I truly enjoyed exploring these incredible lives you have lived. You have much much potential, and this life is a bit unorthodox from your pattern, so whether or not you’re struggling right now, know you came here with a purpose and the best teacher for your spirit gifts are you, because you’ve spent hundreds of lives gathering information on it.


And with that, the energy wavers out, I close the flow over you and thank your guides and mine for their assistance today. I leave the incredible energy of Japan and wish you a beautiful day.


Jap's Response

Wowwwww 😭 First of all, I would like to thank you for your service Ms. Alia 🧡 Thank you so much for your energy, and healing… I felt it very much. It’s already 4 am here, and have read the reading thrice now, it’s so beautiful and really awesome. I was asleep during your reading (though I’ve read your email that you will start and I dont need to stay awake). I was tired too from work 😊 I woke up an hour later, but I really thought it was morning already haha, my sleep was short but it felt forever. I saw your email when I woke up, and I am so thankful for that healing Ms. Alia… I can still feel it right now (now it would be lovely to have a reiki session with you 😊). Thank you for describing my higher self to me, I mean, I talk to myself all the time, but I didnt have an image of him/her. And also my guides, I havent met them yet, so thank you so much 🧡 The rest of the reading is soooo awesome and I think I need to sleep and continue when I wake up later. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am for everything you had done for me, it gives me a deeper sense of purpose and a lot of spiritual insight for my path in this current lifetime 🧡 

All the love, and light, Ms. Alia.. Will talk to you later 💖
Next email…

Hi Ms. Alia, 

I am still so speechless with your wonderful reading.
It’s weird but while reading, the memories are kinda embedded with my feet. I feel and somehow remember each one of them, the caves, sands, every journeys. 
Past Life #1
Atlantis Life 
I still cant believe how I had a life in Atlantis and had a family there. It’s quite interesting how I’m not originally Atlantean, but came from a very interesting tribe. And my grandmother is so awesome as well, I love how people are spiritual during that time. Also learning about the 7 worlds is something that I’ll do too in this current lifetime if I somehow had the access to that information.
Past Life #2
Cave with a giant monster 
Wow, that one is so interesting as well. This reminds me of a short story that I thought of writing, about a man and a monster stuck in a cave. I guess I need to start with that again. 😁 
Past Life #3
The man in space suit
I just love how their eyes are indigo 💜 My spiritual path started when someone told me I was an Indigo Child, though now I think I’m more Crystal child.
Past Life #4
The Diver
Ohhh this one I dream about just recently. I loved this lifetime. 💜
Past Life 5
The woman & man in Great Britain
This one I dream about ever since I was young. I dream about dragging myself to a hall but I dont really remember much of it, thank you so much for healing me from that lifetime.. It feels like I just got freed from a heavy burden, I feel very light now. 💜
Past Life 6
The Hermit Astral Traveller
I feel like this life is very important with my current lifetime. I feel that it will teach me a lot as I am currently trying to Astral Travel consciously and knowing that I have a past life that can do this, assures me that I can do it as well. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. 💜  Also I feel like I know that threat, and it’s coming as well in the future in this current lifetime, I dream of it most of the time. I also remember living in the base of the cliff near the sea.
Wowww, I still cant believe and am so happy that I was drawn to you Ms. Alia 💜 I really enjoyed the reading. It makes me want to cry, but happy cry 😊 I promise to make this current lifetime the best one, and will pursue a spiritual path. Have a beautiful day as well today. 
Love, light and blessings 💜

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