Glowing Gaea

Connect to your Inner Power

Welcome Sunshine!

I'm Alia!

I created Glowing Gaea to offer a guiding hand through this segment of your spiritual journey.

Glowing Gaea is about honoring the inner light that shines within you and all things.

Doing this allows us to forgive, to heal, and to receive.

Choose your path . . .

Aura Readings

See how you glow!

Past Life Readings

Take a dive into your past incarnations through a channeling session with Alia.


Tune into your spiritual gifts and watch them grow. Email Alia for more information..

Distant Reiki Healing

Energy balancing from the comfort of your home. Open the Chakras and shift out the old with Alia's sessions.

In Person Readings ~

I do readings/healings/attunements at Karma Kards in Bellingham, WA every Tuesday and Friday by appointment. Make an appointment with me or Margaret +1 (360) 393-8443.

You can also follow along with Alia on social media!


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